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Shots Fired on Pa. University Campus; Nobody Hurt

by Associated Press | September 8, 2008
Officials at Indiana University of Pennsylvania say someone fired gunshots into the air on the [...] Read more

Harvard Officer on Leave Denies Profiling

by Associated Press |
A Harvard University police officer involved in an incident that sparked a review of possible r [...] Read more

Harvard To Review Campus Police After Complaints

by Associated Press | August 29, 2008
Harvard University is reviewing its campus police department amid concerns officers have unfair [...] Read more

Texas Students Pack Bookbags; Teachers Pack Heat

by Associated Press | August 27, 2008
Along with normal first-day jitters and excitement, students in this tiny district started scho [...] Read more

Public Roles, Private Lives

by Lydia Lum | August 21, 2008
Universities have become cognizant of the independent lives of presidential spouses, but it’s [...] Read more

Eastern Mich. Agrees to Pay $350K in Fines in Killing Case

by Associated Press | June 9, 2008
Eastern Michigan University has agreed to pay $350,000 in fines for covering up the rape and ki [...] Read more

False Alarms

by MARLON A. WALKER | May 15, 2008
Attention-seeking students fabricate crimes to generate the media and community response that r [...] Read more

Metal Detectors Installed in Jackson State Dorms

by Ashlei Spivey -- Black College Wire | May 6, 2008
Students residing in Dixon and Alexander Residence Halls at Jackson State University must now w [...] Read more

A Time To Grieve and Heal

by Michelle J. Nealy | April 16, 2008
Today marks the one-year anniversary of the most deadly and violent school shooting in American [...] Read more

College Students Want to Bring Concealed Guns to School

by Associated Press | April 14, 2008
College students who say they're powerless against campus attacks by gunmen want to push legisl [...] Read more

Suspects Arrested in Case of HBCU Campus Gunfire

by Michelle J. Nealy | March 25, 2008
Recent shootings on and around college campuses nationwide have caused many to question the ove [...] Read more

Fear of the Known — and Unknown

by Hilary Hurd Anyaso | March 5, 2008
Just three days before the campus shootings at Northern Illinois University last month, I sat i [...] Read more

Emergency Notification in an instant

by Peter Galuszka |
Following the recent campus shootings, universities are seeking the most effective and multifac [...] Read more

Three Campus Security Scares On Tuesday

by Associated Press | February 27, 2008
Classes were canceled and a small private college went on lockdown Tuesday as police searched f [...] Read more

Audit: NC Central Administrator Stole Thousands in Grant Money

by Associated Press | February 13, 2008
RALEIGH, N.C. A high-ranking administrator at North Carolina Central University stole thousands [...] Read more