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Behind the Numbers: College Enrollment Decreasing Overall

| September 26, 2013
A recent report released by the Census Bureau found a sharp decline in college enrollment rates [...] Read more

Millennials the Victims of Circumstances

by | September 18, 2013
I would argue that circumstances have treated Millennials poorly as they have reached young adu [...] Read more

Analysis: 2012 Higher Education Enrollment Rate of Latino High School Graduates Surpassed That of Whites

by Ronald Roach | September 10, 2013
For the first time, the college enrollment rate of Latino high school graduates surpassed that [...] Read more

Improving the Pathway to Higher Education

by Brian C. Mitchell | July 23, 2013
A seamless pathway must be created for two-year college graduates to transfer to four-year inst [...] Read more

Penn State Applications Down 9 Percent This Year

by Genaro C. Armas, Associated Press | April 25, 2013
Population declines and concerns over how to pay for a college education contributed to a rough [...] Read more

Time for Minority-Serving Institutions to Think Globally

by | March 3, 2013
A commitment to improving the future of marginalized racial, ethnic, and religious groups need [...] Read more

Scholar’s Analysis Details Rapid Growth of Latinos in K-12, College Populations

by Ronald Roach | January 30, 2013
Noted economist and demographer Mark Hugo Lopez has explained how a recent surge in Latino stud [...] Read more

Report Discusses Top Trends in Student Enrollment

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | January 24, 2013
Trends “have created a marketplace situation where higher education administrators must think [...] Read more

It’s Tough to Trailblaze: Challenges of First-Generation College Students

by | January 23, 2013
College attendance has become less of a privilege and more of a necessity in the contemporary w [...] Read more

Report: National Pool of High School Graduates to Shrink, Grow More Diverse

by Ronald Roach | January 17, 2013
Between now and 2020, the nation’s colleges and universities can expect to recruit among a sm [...] Read more

Higher Education Needs the Hispanic Community to Succeed

by | December 18, 2012
The face of higher education is rapidly evolving as more middle- to low-class young people find [...] Read more

New Report Finds Economic Growth is Dependent on Educating Minority Students

by Cherise Lesesne | November 28, 2012
The key to America’s future economic success relies heavily on closing the educational gap be [...] Read more

Groups Team Up to Bolster Success of Latino Students

by Maria Eugenia Miranda | October 15, 2012
Miami Dade College, the Lumina Foundation, and Excelencia in Education have teamed up to bolste [...] Read more

Research Corner: Leadership Affects Tie Between Diversity, Voluntary Turnover

by Dr. David A. Kravitz and Dr. Renee Yuengling | November 22, 2011
Common sense suggests that leadership should affect the relation between diversity and group pe [...] Read more

College Admissions Report Predicts U.S. Enrollment Increases through Decade’s End

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | October 24, 2011
The “2011 State of College Admission” report predicts that, while high school graduation ra [...] Read more