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BI News Briefs

by Black Issues | December 23, 1999
Miss. HBCU Has New Competition for Students, Funds JACKSON, Miss. — In a ruling praised by ed [...] Read more

Fighting for Scholarships in Oklahoma

by Black Issues | November 11, 1999
Fighting for Scholarships in OklahomaFearing that the federal district court in Oklahoma City m [...] Read more

Texas Test Patterns

by Black Issues | October 28, 1999
Texas Test PatternsWhile Lawsuit Says High School Exit Exam Discriminates, Report Shows Achieve [...] Read more

Same Team, Different Strategy

by Black Issues | October 14, 1999
Same Team, Different StrategyThe Lawsuit Challenging Michigan’s Affirmative Action Polici [...] Read more

BI News Briefs

by Black Issues |
Commission Dismisses Discrimination Complaint Against Alabama-BirminghamBIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Th [...] Read more

Washington Briefs

by Black Issues | September 30, 1999
HBCUs to Get $2.1 Million from Human Services AgencyWASHINGTON — Black colleges and universit [...] Read more

White Instructor Wins Discrimination Case

by Black Issues |
White Instructor Wins Discrimination CaseMADISON, Wis. — A White art instructor at the Univer [...] Read more

Two Views on Hopwood

by Black Issues |
Two Views on HopwoodTexas Attorney General John Cornyn’s Opinion — 1999Dear Sen. (Bill) [...] Read more

Reverse-Discrimination Claim Thrown Out by Federal Judge

by Black Issues | August 5, 1999
Reverse-Discrimination Claim Thrown Out by Federal JudgeATLANTA — A federal judge lambasted t [...] Read more

Noteworthy Briefs

by Black Issues | July 8, 1999
 Former Arizona Africana Studies Professor Charges Discrimination TUCSON, Ariz. — A former a [...] Read more

BI News Briefs

by Black Issues | June 24, 1999
Badillo Appointed to Chair CUNY’s Board NEW YORK — Herman Badillo, Mayor Rudolph Giulia [...] Read more

Interrupting the Patterns of Discrimination

by Black Issues | May 13, 1999
Interrupting the Patterns of DiscriminationTwo years ago, I read a short article by renown scho [...] Read more

What is Ethnic Cleansing, Really?

by Black Issues |
What is Ethnic Cleansing, Really? By Julianne MalveauxIgnorance is bliss, especially in histori [...] Read more

Professor Wins Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit

by Black Issues | April 29, 1999
Professor Wins Reverse Discrimination LawsuitSAN FRANCISCO — A lecturer denied tenure has bee [...] Read more

Not a Class Action

by Black Issues | March 4, 1999
Not a Class Action Judge rules that passage of Washington State’s Initiative 200 downgrad [...] Read more