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Asian-American Studies Pioneer Philip Choy Dies

by Lydia Lum | March 21, 2017
A self-trained historian who was part of a teaching tandem behind the first college-level, Chin [...] Read more

Rodriguez: Time for Brown Berets to be Seen in Court?

by Roberto Rodriguez | February 28, 2017
What has not been litigated is whether Mexicans in this country are part of a foreign and illeg [...] Read more

Rodriguez: Arizona Moves to Ban Social Justice and Academic Freedom

by Roberto Rodriguez | January 17, 2017
Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would have the effect of banning social justice clas [...] Read more

Rodriguez: California Leading Way on Ethnic Studies

by Roberto Rodriguez | October 5, 2016
A groundbreaking report shattered the notion that mere exposure to “college knowledge” will [...] Read more

In Essence, Racism on Trial in Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Suit

by Roberto Rodriguez | September 26, 2016
The Arce v Douglas ethnic studies trial, in Tucson’s Federal Court, is expected to commence i [...] Read more

Scholar: Texas Textbook an ‘Intentional Assault’ on Psyche of Mexican American Students

by Roberto Rodriguez | September 20, 2016
After reading the proposed Mexican American Heritage textbook for Texas students last week by J [...] Read more

California Puts High School Ethnic Studies Officially on the Books

by Jamal Eric Watson | September 15, 2016
California’s Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will now mandate the teaching of eth [...] Read more

Calif. High School Ethnic Studies in Governor’s Hands Now

by Jamal Eric Watson | August 25, 2016
A California Bill that would mandate the teaching of ethnic studies in public schools across th [...] Read more

Bahng’s Tenure Controversy Remains Cloud Over Ivy League for Asian American Studies Advocates

by Catherine Morris | July 17, 2016
For Sera Kwon, Dr. Aimee Bahng’s situation raises larger questions about the viability of a c [...] Read more

CTE Students in Arkansas Found to Have Edge

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | April 14, 2016
A study shows that students who took more career and technical education courses were slightly [...] Read more

Stanford: Ethnic Studies Courses Help At-risk High School Students

by Lydia Lum | February 3, 2016
High school ethnic studies courses focusing on how race and culture can impact life and identit [...] Read more

FDA Gives Approval for Marijuana Oil Study

by Kim Chandler, Associated Press | December 10, 2014
The Food and Drug Administration has given the University of Alabama at Birmingham permission t [...] Read more

Veterans Day Salute

| November 10, 2014
The Diverse staff salutes the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Your dedication and sacri [...] Read more

In Case You Missed It…

| January 10, 2014
Community Colleges’ Most Challenging Task: Increase Completion Rates Christie Hails N.J. Vers [...] Read more

Dr. Edmund W. Gordon Battles to Eradicate Achievement Gap

by Donovan X. Ramsey | November 8, 2012
Before most knew what an achievement gap was, Dr. Edmund W. Gordon was working to eliminate it. [...] Read more