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Asian American Publications Seeing Growth on U.S. Campuses

by Lydia Lum | May 9, 2011
The general public’s consumption of U.S. media has declined steadily in recent years, but seg [...] Read more

Universities Forced to Adapt as Demographics Shift

by Associated Press | January 4, 2011
 “Majority minority” college classes appearing earlier than expected. [...] Read more

Young Scholars Reflect on Family Ties in the Academy

by Lydia Lum | November 23, 2010
 Having grown up in the academy, second-generation scholars chart their own course to beco [...] Read more

Free-speech Policies Questioned at Mississippi Campuses

by Elizabeth Crisp, The Clarion-Ledger | August 25, 2010
Students at Mississippi universities may have to watch what they say more than those in other s [...] Read more

Assessing Arizona

by Ibram Rogers | June 22, 2010
Three Mexican-American scholars discuss Arizona’s immigration law and its ramifications on th [...] Read more

Jump in U.S. College Enrollment Highest in 40 Years

by Hope Yen, Associated Press | June 18, 2010
The nation's colleges are attracting record numbers of new students as more Hispanics finish hi [...] Read more

Asian American Studies at a Crossroads

by Lydia Lum | May 25, 2010
Scholars fear the evolution of Asian American studies toward ethnic-specific courses means stud [...] Read more

Opinion: Ethnic Studies is Valuable for All Americans

by Dr. Ron Scapp | May 21, 2010
Contrary to the fears and charges that ethnic studies divides and incites the overthrow of our [...] Read more

America’s First Muslim College To Open This Fall

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | May 20, 2010
Admission letters went out last month to the approximately 20 students who will make up the ina [...] Read more

Arizona Gov. Signs Bill Targeting Ethnic Studies

by Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press | May 13, 2010
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill targeting a school district's ethnic studies program, [...] Read more

Mills College Celebrates 20-year Anniversary of Protests

by Arelis Hernandez | May 6, 2010
Mills College is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their board’s recommitment to single-sex [...] Read more

Opinion: The Census 2010 and the Three-Fifths Compromise

by Ron Scapp | May 3, 2010
The discourse over participation of undocumented immigrants in the 2010 Census bears a disturbi [...] Read more

Opinion: Arizona – This is What Apartheid Looks Like

by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez | April 30, 2010
The truth is, a civilizational clash is being played out in the same state in which the state l [...] Read more

Obama Administration Seeks Increased Asian American and Pacific Islander Access to Federal Programs

by Lydia Lum | April 28, 2010
For the month of May, Obama administration officials plan to hold a series of events aimed at i [...] Read more

Racist Incidents, Protests Spread at UC Campuses

by Christina Hoag, Associated Press | March 3, 2010
A firestorm over racially and ethnically charged incidents at several University of California [...] Read more