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Engineering Instructor and Activist Seeks, Inspires Wheelchair Innovation

by Lydia Lum | October 12, 2011
As the founder of the San Francisco State University-based Whirlwind Wheelchair International, [...] Read more

Carnegie Mellon University To Open Branch Campus in Rwanda in 2012

by Kevin Begos, The Associated Press | September 19, 2011
The students who attend the program in Kigali, Rwanda's capital, will get exactly the same dipl [...] Read more

Crossing the Border for College

by Garry Boulard | July 7, 2011
Seeking higher education in the U.S., young Mexican students manage to escape the warfare of Me [...] Read more

NCORE Conference: College Presidents Share Impact of International Programs

by Lydia Lum | June 3, 2011
Remarks by Howard University president Sidney Ribeau and other college presidents came Thursday [...] Read more

Scholars Grapple With Globalization’s Dark Side – Human Trafficking

by Helen Hu | May 26, 2011
Whether lured in, kidnapped or sold by their families, modern slavery represents a big, old pro [...] Read more

More Than a Tiger Mom

by Lydia Lum | May 24, 2011
Celebrated but controversial author and Yale University law professor Amy Chua’s takes on wor [...] Read more

Creative Partnerships Among Business, Colleges and Universities Key to Competing in Global Economy

by Joyce Jones | February 28, 2011
Employers and educators should align research and development goals, U.S. labor official says. [...] Read more

Politics As Usual For The Professoriate

by Lydia Lum | January 5, 2010
Career scholars routinely tapped for high-level policymaking jobs in government. [...] Read more


by LYDIA LUM | December 24, 2009
Politics as Usual for the Professoriate Career scholars are routinely tapped for high-level pol [...] Read more

University of California Awards Degrees to Formerly Interned Japanese Americans

by Lydia Lum | August 19, 2009
Growing up in northern California in the 1930s, Grace Obata Amemiya assumed she would attend th [...] Read more

At the Forefront of Medical Tourism Law

by Lydia Lum | June 25, 2009
Imagine undergoing surgery overseas to save yourself money. [...] Read more

Pardon Sought for First Black Heavyweight Champ

by FREDERIC J. FROMMER, Associated Press Writer | April 2, 2009
Sen. John McCain wants a presidential pardon for Jack Johnson, who became the nation's first bl [...] Read more

University Presidents Call for Lifting Educational Exchange Restrictions: AASCU Members Seek U.S. Policy Change to Cuba-Related Travel

| November 25, 2008
Members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) have called for [...] Read more

Documentary Chronicles Pitfalls of American Education in Global Economy

by Michelle Nealy | June 24, 2008
Diverse reporter Michelle Nealy chats with Indianapolis venture-capitalist-turned-filmmaker, Bo [...] Read more

African-U.S. University Partnerships Among Collaborations Urged By Global Leaders

by Michelle J. Nealy | May 1, 2008
In this globalized society, the need for intellectual collaboration across continents, cultures [...] Read more