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Just the Stats: Top 100 Popular Disciplines By Race, Gender

by Victor M. H. Borden, Pamela C. Brown and Olivia Majesky-Pullmann | July 13, 2007
As encouraging as the numbers of minorities earning advanced degrees may have been, gender diff [...] Read more

Tenure at HBCUs – historically Black colleges and universities

by Cheryl D. Fields | July 12, 2007
Tenure is as valued at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) as it is at traditi [...] Read more

Top 100 Graduate Degree Producers

by Victor M.H. Borden and Pamela C. Brown |
Joy, uncertainty, sadness and feelings of accomplishment are just a few of the things graduates [...] Read more

The meaning of the numbers – rankings of colleges and universities with most minority students – Special Report: Top 100 Graduate & Professional Degree Producers

by Victor M.H. Borden | July 11, 2007
This is the second part of Black Issues In Higher Education's annual "Top 100" rankings of coll [...] Read more

The meaning of the numbers – Black Issues in Higher Education’s sixth annual Top 100 rankings of minority college graduates

by Victor M.H. Borden |
The analysis of degrees conferred to students of color in the United States continues this year [...] Read more

The graduate record – graduate record for colored students

by Diverse Staff | June 20, 2007
To determine which institutions grant the most graduate and professional degrees to students of [...] Read more

Getting to the ‘real information.’ – the Student-Right-to-Know Act and colleges and universities academic profile – Recruitment & Retention

by Dianne William Hayes | June 16, 2007
Five years after the Student-Right-to-Know Act went into effect, there are still concerns about [...] Read more

Academy, AAUP Confronted on Low Faculty Diversity

by Margaret Kamara | June 12, 2007
Faculty members concerned about diversity took the academy as well as the American Association [...] Read more

Minorities Continue Growth in Degree Attainment But Attend TWIs for Advanced Degrees, Says Report

by Shilpa Banerji and Olivia Pullmann | June 1, 2007
Minority students accounted for half of the growth in bachelor degree attainment over the last [...] Read more

The Prevalence of Black Females In College Sports: It’s Just An Illusion

by Emmett L. Gill Jr. | May 31, 2007
If you had a chance to watch the NCAA women’s basketball championship in April, you probably [...] Read more

Top 100 Undergraduate Degree Producers

by Victor M. H. Borden, Pamela C. Brown and Olivia Majesky-Pullmann |
Who were Alexander Lucius Twilight and Mary Jane Patterson? If you know, you are an excellent c [...] Read more

Just the Stats: Prison Inmates More Literate Than Before

by Oliva Majesky-Pullmann | May 18, 2007
A recent study suggests new prison inmates are more educated than cohorts from a 1992 study, an [...] Read more

AAUP: Colleges “Outsourcing” By Hiring More Non-Tenure Faculty

by Hurley Goodall | December 11, 2006
Washington D.C. A new report from the American Association of University Professors says the n [...] Read more

Crime Creeping Higher on Campuses

by Charles Dervarics | November 16, 2006
On-campus arrests for alcohol violations are up significantly nationwide, but hate crimes... [...] Read more

ACE Report On Minorities Cites Enrollment Gains, Retention Problems

by Dianne Hayes | October 30, 2006
College enrollment of Hispanic students jumped nearly 70 percent between 1994-2004 while the nu [...] Read more