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Immigrants Benefit American Workers, Says New Study

by Staff and News Wire Report | March 9, 2006
According to two economists from California and Italy, a sure-fire way to make more money is to [...] Read more

BYU Study: Racism Associated with Disturbed Sleep and Depression in Latinos

by Staff and News Wire Report | February 28, 2006
Perceiving racism is related to sleep difficulties and depression in Hispanic immigrants, accor [...] Read more

Brown University Names First Muslim Chaplain

by Staff and News Wire Report | February 22, 2006
Brown University’s Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life has appointed its first Muslim [...] Read more

A Capital Conundrum

by Hilary Hurd Anyaso | January 26, 2006
For years we have discussed doing an article about the lack of a community college in the natio [...] Read more

A Conspicuous Absence

by David Pluviose |
Every major city in every state in the country has a public community college, as do U.S. terri [...] Read more

Lawsuit Challenges College Fee

by Associated Press | January 12, 2006
A group of out-of-state college students filed a class-action lawsuit challenging a law that le [...] Read more

Emerging Scholars: Navigating North and South for Native Knowledge

by By Patricia Valdata |
Dr. Erich Fox Tree didn’t plan to study linguistic anthropology, but fieldwork in Guatemala p [...] Read more

Undocumented Students Face Financial Hurdle to College Education

by Associated Press | January 3, 2006
When Fabiola Guevara graduated from South Dade Senior High School in June, 11 years after her m [...] Read more

Greensboro Shootings Commission a Teachable Moment at Duke University

by Associated Press | December 23, 2005
Duke University professor has found a hands-on way to teach students enrolled in a course... [...] Read more

Pew Report: Latinos More Likely Than Blacks, Whites

| November 17, 2005
Hispanic teens are more likely than Blacks and Whites to attend public high schools that have t [...] Read more

Admirers Recall August Wilson’s Impact on Black Culture, Theater

by Associated Press | October 11, 2005
Admirers of playwright August Wilson vowed this weekend at his funeral to ensure that future ge [...] Read more

Bringing A Cultural Consciousness To the Classroom

by Dina Horwedel | October 6, 2005
GREELEY, Colo. The town of Greeley, perched on northern Colorado’s prairie, is like many oth [...] Read more

Undocumented Immigrants and College

by Kristin Bagnato | September 22, 2005
For undocumented immigrants, the road to college can have even more potholes than for the avera [...] Read more

Archaeologists Seek Clues to Central Park

by Associated Press | September 8, 2005
Archaeologists are digging with electronic fingers into the soil of Central Park to learn more [...] Read more

Drawing Upon the Diaspora

by Ronald Roach | August 25, 2005
Callie Watkins entered Harvard University looking forward to interacting with a diverse student [...] Read more