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There’s Reality and There’s Clarence Thomas

by Ibram X. Kendi | July 2, 2013
Why is Justice Clarence Thomas ignoring the reality of segregationist arguments in the Fisher v [...] Read more

Maxine A. Smith, Memphis Civil Rights Leader, Dies

by Associated Press | April 28, 2013
Maxine A. Smith, an influential Memphis civil rights leader, died Friday. She was 83. [...] Read more

Special Report: Black History Month

| February 13, 2013
No Turning Back: Marking 50 years of progress since walls segregation fell at Southern institu [...] Read more

New MOOC Expands Civil Rights Instruction

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | January 27, 2013
Civil rights historian and award-winning author Taylor Branch is on a mission to make the Civil [...] Read more

Commentary: Could End of Affirmative Action Be Boon for Black Colleges?

by Aaron N. Taylor | September 27, 2012
Students should choose HBCUs based not on attenuation of opportunities, but on tangible benefit [...] Read more

Lecture: Learning, Educational Attainment Rest on Belief in Students

by William J. Ford | October 28, 2011
Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings offered polite criticism, weighty research insights, and humor on Th [...] Read more

Civil Rights Leader Fred Shuttlesworth Dies

by Jay Reeves, The Associated Press | October 6, 2011
The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, who was bombed, beaten and repeatedly arrested in the fight for [...] Read more

Tulsa Remembered

| September 1, 2011
During the events surrounding the John Hope Franklin Park groundbreaking in November 2008, the [...] Read more

Gov. Haley Barbour Apologizes to Activists Arrested in Mississippi

by Shelia Byrd, Associated Press | May 24, 2011
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has apologized to dozens of civil rights activists who were cart [...] Read more

Fifty Years Later, Students Retrace 1961 Freedom Ride

by Zinie Chen Sampson, Associated Press | May 10, 2011
Forty college students chosen from nearly 1,000 applicants have joined a handful of the origina [...] Read more

Women From Historic Student Civil Rights Group Tell Their Story

by Reginald Stuart | March 28, 2011
Through a new book published by the University of Illinois Press, a diverse group of SNCC alumn [...] Read more

New NAACP Seeing Diverse Chapter Leaders

by Associated Press | March 24, 2011
NAACP branches have been recruiting gays, immigrants and young people who grew up in a world fa [...] Read more

Census: More Blacks in South Moving to Suburbs

by The Associated Press | March 21, 2011
African-Americans in the South are shunning city life for the suburbs at the highest levels in [...] Read more

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste — Except in Ohio?

by Dr. Marcia Alesan Dawkins | March 16, 2011
Ohio mother’s jailing and felony conviction calls attention to resegregation of public school [...] Read more

Academics Hail Public Online Posting of Historic Black Newspaper’s Archives

by Reginald Stuart |
The posting online this winter of some 1 million newspaper articles published over the past cen [...] Read more