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Two UCLA Professors Seek Campus Diversity Requirement

by Lydia Lum | March 17, 2011
In the aftermath of a racially offensive Internet video, two University of Ca lifornia, Los Ang [...] Read more

Islam’s Connection to Black America, U.S. Slavery Explored in Mississippi Conferences

by Pearl Stewart | February 22, 2011
More than three dozen scholars, religious leaders and community activists examined the influenc [...] Read more

South Carolina Program’s Success Highlights Minority Access Debate

by Associated Press | January 3, 2011
Centers for Economic Excellence Program has drawn cheers from higher education and political of [...] Read more

CareerWISE Web Resource Offers Ph.D. Guidance for Women in Science

by Joyce Jones | November 8, 2010
Arizona State University researchers have created and launched an online, personal resilience t [...] Read more

Perspective: A Fulbright Experience in Hungary

by Laverne Lewis Gaskins | August 12, 2010
Hungary’s Roma population and Black Americans share similar social and political struggles. [...] Read more

STEM Careers and 21st Century Academic Racism

by | March 26, 2010
This week, I came across a study that found that a significant number of women and AALANAs (Afr [...] Read more

Perspectives: The Role of Privilege in Diversity Education

by By D. Scott Tharp | December 3, 2009
I am a White heterosexual male who works in a diversity education office. I am a White het [...] Read more

LASTWORD: The Role of Privilege in Diversity Education

by D. SCOTT THARP | November 26, 2009
My presence as a person who retains several privileged cultural identities working in a diversi [...] Read more

Va. Military Institute Faces Sexism Accusations

by Sue Lindsey. Associated Press Writer | November 25, 2009
The Virginia Military Institute is defending itself against a lengthy investigation into accusa [...] Read more

Sotomayor Ushers In New Era for Latinas in Legal Profession

by Maria Burns Ortiz | October 5, 2009
Today’s start to the U.S. Supreme Court’s new term with Justice Sonia Sotomayor on the benc [...] Read more

Lapchick on a Mission: Focusing on the Student in Student-Athlete

by Lois Elfman | April 3, 2009
As the best of men’s college basketball converge in Detroit this weekend for the Final Four a [...] Read more

‘Sharpening Leadership Skills, Connecting With Sisters’

by MICHELLE J. NEALY | March 5, 2009
The Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute provides women of color with the tools to navigate the ac [...] Read more

A ‘Second Wave of Feminism’

As women’s studies programs mature, they are incorporating issues of race and sexuality. [...] Read more

Women’s History Month – A ‘Second Wave of Feminism’

by Lois Elfman | March 3, 2009
As women’s studies programs mature, they are incorporating issues of race and sexuality. [...] Read more

Black Men on Campus: What the Media Do Not Show Us

by T. ELON DANCY | February 5, 2009
Black male college students feel pressured to fulfill media-spun social expectations to be over [...] Read more