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University of Kentucky researcher tries using coal ash to make fertilizer safer

by Associated Press | July 5, 2007
LEXINGTON Ky. A University of Kentucky researcher is trying to find a way to stop fertilizer f [...] Read more

Thomson to Sell Testing Unit to Educational Testing Service (ETS)

by Associated Press | July 2, 2007
STAMFORD Conn. As part of its plans to spin off its testing services business, Thomson Corp. a [...] Read more

Test-driven admissions: ETS responds to criticisms of SATs – Educational Testing Service

by Robert O. Rodriguez | June 23, 2007
After decades of criticism that standardized testing is culturally biased, officials from the E [...] Read more

Latest in Fight Against Cheating – Proctoring Exams With Web Cams

by Associated Press | June 21, 2007
The number of college students taking courses online is surging, creating a tough dilemma for e [...] Read more

Life after Hopwood – University of Texas stops using standardized tests for admissions – Cover Story

by Roberto Rodriguez |
El Paso, TX -- Hopwood -- the case that has thrown affirmative action programs into a tailspin [...] Read more

2004: Maryland’s reform odyssey – educational reform – includes related article – Recruitment & retention

by Karin Chenoweth | June 16, 2007
BALTIMORE, MD When states first began requiring students to meet minimum course requirements [...] Read more

Conference: Community Colleges May Be Best Hope to Close Achievement Gap

by Angela P. Dodson | June 14, 2007
Minority, low-income students continue to be left behind academically. [...] Read more

Community Colleges May Be Best Hope to Close Achievement Gap, Says ETS

by Angela P. Dodson | June 1, 2007
PRINCETON, N.J. Community colleges are the “last, best hope” for closing the achievement [...] Read more

ETS Cancels Plans to Launch Revised GRE Test

by Diverse staff reports | April 3, 2007
PRINCETON, N.J. The Educational Testing Service has cancelled plans to launch the revised Gr [...] Read more

Demystifying the Process

by Angela P. Dodson | March 8, 2007
Twenty-four faculty members representing more than 20 historically Black colleges and universit [...] Read more

Dreams Deferred?

by Christinia Asquith | February 22, 2007
Wrongly imprisoned, Alan Newton advises students in CUNY’s Black Male Initiative. So why is a [...] Read more

Regaining a Lost Heritage

by Toni Coleman | February 15, 2007
Can a simple procedure unlock African-Americans’ genetic history? Or is DNA tracing just an e [...] Read more

Regaining a Lost Heritage

by Toni Coleman | February 8, 2007
This year’s Black History Month program at my friend’s Washington, D.C. church won’t just [...] Read more

ETS Issues Warning to American Middle Class

by Shilpa Banerji | February 6, 2007
WASHINGTON, D.C. Inadequate literary skills, the evolving economy and the ongoing shift in the [...] Read more

Despite Modest Increase, GED Test-Taking Still Hovering Near All-Time Low

by David Pluviose | December 21, 2006
Given recent statistics that indicate that at least half of all Black and Hispanic high school [...] Read more