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The Real Cape Cod Community College

by KATHLEEN SCHATZBERG | November 27, 2008
Contrary to a previously published column, Cape Cod Community College practices its commitment [...] Read more

Louis Stokes Institute To Focus on STEM Education

by Ronald Roach | May 22, 2008
The legacy of former U.S. Congressman Louis Stokes, D-Ohio, to help disadvantaged and minority [...] Read more

Education Department Ends Controversial Upward Bound Experiment

by Charles Dervarics | February 25, 2008
The Department of Education has terminated a controversial evaluation of the Upward Bound progr [...] Read more

HEA Bill Passes, Despite White House Objection Over MSI Funding

by Charles Dervarics | February 8, 2008
The House of Representatives on Thursday approved a Higher Education Act bill even as the White [...] Read more

HEA Renewal Approved, With Some Surprising New Policies

by Charles Dervarics | November 15, 2007
Provisions of the Higher Education Act renewal approved by a House committee on Thursday includ [...] Read more

Some College-Access Programs Lose Funding

by Charles Dervarics | November 1, 2007
Education department scoring errors may have resulted in denied grant renewals. [...] Read more

Some College-Access Programs Lose Funding

by Charles Dervarics | October 31, 2007
The inspector general is investigating allegations that Education Department scoring errors may [...] Read more

Campaigning for College

by Ronald Roach | October 17, 2007
Texas’ Closing the Gaps initiative pays close attention to the demographics of its growing mi [...] Read more

Ambitious Agenda, Ticking Clock

by Charles Dervarics | September 6, 2007
Interest groups, students have lengthy wish list, but Congress may not tackle everything this f [...] Read more

House Approves Major Funding Increase For HBCUs

by Charles Dervarics | July 19, 2007
Citing the need for a dramatic funding increase, the House of Representatives has approved a pl [...] Read more

Washington Update

by Charles Dervarics | July 15, 2007
Clinton Signs Higher Education Act Reauthorization [...] Read more

The surging degree wave

by Karin Chenoweth | July 13, 2007
As the number of White students receiving college degrees has stayed steady for the last five y [...] Read more

Freshman-year experience – preparing freshmen for college and universities

by Ronald Roach | July 12, 2007
Dr. John N. Gardner remembers a time when colleges and universities paid little attention to th [...] Read more

HBCUs, HSIs at odds over Title III criteria – aid in doubt at Hispanic and Black-serving educational institutions

by Charles Dervarics |
The Clinton adminstration is touting a new Hispanic Initiative that targets both students and c [...] Read more

New political leadership – Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah – Cover Story

by Ronald Roach |
No one could ever accuse Congressman Chaka Fattah of being timid about taking risks. [...] Read more