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Decline in Spring College Enrollment Slowed Prior to COVID-19, Says Report

by Lois Elfman | June 8, 2020 Data gathered prior to the impact of COVID-19 shows there was a decrease in postsecondary enrol Read more

Rodriguez: Time for Brown Berets to be Seen in Court?

by Roberto Rodriguez | February 28, 2017
What has not been litigated is whether Mexicans in this country are part of a foreign and illeg [...] Read more

Rodriguez: Arizona Moves to Ban Social Justice and Academic Freedom

by Roberto Rodriguez | January 17, 2017
Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would have the effect of banning social justice clas [...] Read more

In Essence, Racism on Trial in Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Suit

by Roberto Rodriguez | September 26, 2016
The Arce v Douglas ethnic studies trial, in Tucson’s Federal Court, is expected to commence i [...] Read more