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Campus Pride Releases New List of Anti-LGBTQ College Campuses

by Catherine Morris | August 29, 2016
Campus Pride, a Charlotte-based LGBT advocacy group, released a new “Shame List” of college [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: The Government Crackdown on For-profit Colleges

by Matthew Lynch | August 23, 2016
For-profit colleges have earned a reputation, and it’s not a favorable one, either. Local, st [...] Read more

Department of Education: Spending on Prisons Rises 3 Times Faster than on Schools

by Catherine Morris | July 7, 2016
State and local spending on prisons and jails is increasing at a faster rate than spending on p [...] Read more

Education Department Providing Second Chance to Prisoners

by Catherine Morris | June 23, 2016
The U.S. Department of Education announced a new development in its efforts to combat recidivis [...] Read more

ED Seeks More Accurate Measures of Disproportionality in Special Education

by Catherine Morris | February 23, 2016
The Department of Education wants states to start using a standardized methodology to determine [...] Read more

Obama Administration Seeks to Expand Pell Grants

by Diverse Staff | January 19, 2016
The Obama Administration wants more students who receive Pell Grants to graduate from college a [...] Read more

White Boys’ Club? White Faculty Still Dominates in National Stats

by Emil Guillermo | November 29, 2015
Numbers buttress student protestors’ diversity demands. [...] Read more

Value of ED’s College Ratings Tool Lost on Academics

by Reginald Stuart | November 4, 2015
When President Obama initially declared the Department of Education would issue a ratings syste [...] Read more

Need to Disaggregate AAPI Data Reemphasized at Summit

by Catherine Morris | May 12, 2015
Although it is true that many Asian Americans are doing well as far as educational attainment a [...] Read more

ED Data Verify Damage Done to HBCUs

by Autumn Arnett | April 23, 2015
The Department of Education recently acknowledged that the controversial 2011 changes to Parent [...] Read more
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