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President Obama Nominates Howard University Chair to National Council

by Jamal Eric Watson | September 21, 2016
President Obama has nominated Dr. Dana A. Williams, chair of the Department of English at Howar [...] Read more

Diverse Docket: Ousted Ohio State Band Director Loses Bias Suit

by Eric Freedman | August 25, 2016
The ousted marching band director at The Ohio State University has lost his Title IX suit accus [...] Read more

Diverse Docket: Howard University Prevails in Title IX Suit

by Eric Freedman | August 15, 2016
Howard University has defeated a lawsuit by a former graduate student who claimed she was wrong [...] Read more

Diverse Docket: Judge Squashes Bias Suit Against Howard University

by Eric Freedman | February 24, 2016
U.S. District Judge Richard Leon threw out a suit by Jeannette Frett, a $150,000-a-year senior [...] Read more

Walter Leonard: A Legendary Leader for All Seasons

by Frank Matthews | December 10, 2015
Walter Leonard, who died Tuesday at age 86, was one of the pioneering education leaders who suc [...] Read more

Legal Profession Struggling With Dearth of Minority Representation

by Catherine Morris | November 4, 2015
A dearth of minority representation in the legal profession remains a serious issue that begins [...] Read more

‘Miss Ann’ Problems: Battling Depression While Black

by Nick Charles | July 30, 2015
From the outside looking in, the Howard University alumna was living a near-perfect life with t [...] Read more

Howard University Dual Enrollment Program Launches in D.C.

by Ronald Roach | April 23, 2015
Howard University has launched a partnership with Washington, D.C., public schools that will pr [...] Read more

Howard University Hospital Makes Changes for Survival

by Pearl Stewart | April 9, 2015
The recent decision by Howard University leaders to slash 84 staff positions will not include H [...] Read more

E. Ethelbert Miller Among Those Let Go at Howard

by Diverse Staff | April 6, 2015
In an April 2 letter to the campus community, Howard University President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frede [...] Read more

Howard, Gallaudet Further ‘Black Lives Matter’ Discussion

by Catherine Morris | March 31, 2015
Panelists agreed that to promote “all lives matter” over “Black lives matter” misses th [...] Read more

Promoting and Maintaining Diversity in Pharmaceutical Education

by Henry North | January 20, 2015
Pharmacists are essential health care providers responsible for achieving positive health outco [...] Read more

Howard University: Hospital Deal All About Maintaining the Mission

by Catherine Morris | December 22, 2014
The presidents of Howard University and Paladin Healthcare Capital emphasized the importance of [...] Read more