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Observers to Notre Dame: Act Wisely with Columbus Murals

| February 1, 2019 As the University of Notre Dame acts to reduce the visibility of a dozen Christopher Columbus m Read more

Community Is Key for Native American Scholars

by Lois Elfman | November 15, 2018
Building a supportive network is crucial for Native American scholars, many of whom are the onl [...] Read more

Dartmouth Cultivates Vibrant Native American Studies Program

| November 14, 2018
The education of Native American youth was part of the charter when Dartmouth College opened it [...] Read more

On Citizenship and Voting

by | November 4, 2018
Citizenship has never been a requirement for U.S. military service. Immigrants and non-citizens [...] Read more

Indigenous Studies Scholar Focuses on Social Justice

by Walter Hudson | November 29, 2017
A recognized scholar of Indigenous Studies, Dr. Kim TallBear is an associate professor of Nati [...] Read more

Rodriguez: The Indigenous and Black Roots of Mexico

by Roberto Rodriguez | February 13, 2017
By knowing their intertwined histories, perhaps both peoples will come to struggle together, wh [...] Read more