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Idaho Legislature Passes Bill Banning Trans Girls From Competing in Female College Athletics

by | March 20, 2020 The Idaho state legislature recently passed a bill, 24-11, banning trans and intersex girls fro Read more

Almost $40,000 Raised to Help LGBTQ Students Transfer From Brigham Young University

by | March 19, 2020
An organization started by Brigham Young University alumni has raised nearly $40,000 to help LG [...] Read more

Mormon Educators Offer to Help Brigham Young University’s LGBTQ Students Transfer

by | March 17, 2020
After Brigham Young University leadership reiterated a campus ban on “same-sex romantic behav [...] Read more

LGBTQ Yeshiva U Students File Discrimination Complaint Against School

| March 9, 2020
A group of seven LGBTQ Yeshiva University (YU) students has filed a discrimination complaint ag [...] Read more

Brigham Young University Says LGBTQ+ Behavior Remains Banned

by | March 5, 2020
Brigham Young University (BYU) administrators have asserted that “homosexual behaviorR [...] Read more

An NYU Professor Ups the Ante on LGBTQ Nursing Research

by | March 3, 2020
Although an estimated 11 million people in the U.S. identify as LGBTQ, nursing research and sch [...] Read more

Report: Diminishing Financial Aid for Low-Income Students

by Lois Elfman | February 16, 2020
A new report says that as universities chase high rankings and future donors, financial aid mon [...] Read more

Film Producer Gifts $2 Million to Northwestern University, Establishes Dramatic Writing Professorship

by | January 6, 2020
A $2 million gift from the Berlanti Family Foundation will establish a dramatic writing profess [...] Read more

University of Memphis Students Say They Were Kicked Out of a Party With Homophobic Slurs

by | October 29, 2019
Two students at the University of Memphis were allegedly kicked out of an off-campus party and [...] Read more

Creating an LGBTQ+ Friendly Campus

by Bryan Hamann | October 8, 2019
Although higher education has been lauded for fostering an inclusive environment which facilita [...] Read more

Is Hollywood Ready for Its Close-Up? UCLA Scholars Examine Progress in Diversity

by Pearl Stewart | September 22, 2019
A new UCLA study found that “current status quo approaches to addressing the entertainment in [...] Read more

Tyler Clementi’s Death Continues to Prompt Action

by Janet Kline | June 9, 2019
For Rutgers—the public flagship research university in New Jersey—Tyler Clementi’s death [...] Read more

Lavender Graduations Set to Celebrate 25th Anniversary Next Year

by Janet Kline | June 6, 2019
Lavender Graduations have now become commonplace on many colleges campuses in the United States [...] Read more

Leadership Must Possess Soul

by Cornelius Gilbert |
During the 1970s, the concept of “soul” was on full display. Perhaps at the most basic leve [...] Read more

Survey Shows More Americans Don’t Care About Coworkers’ Sexuality

| June 5, 2019
A new research study shows that an increasing number of Americans don’t care about their cowo [...] Read more
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