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Middlebury College Decides to Revoke Rudy Giuliani’s Honorary Degree

by | January 12, 2021 Middlebury College has decided to revoke Rudy Giuliani’s 2005 honorary degree on Tuesday and Read more

Middlebury College Considering Revoking Rudy Giuliani’s 2005 Honorary Degree, Citing Violent Jan. 6 Uprising

by | January 11, 2021
Middlebury College is considering revoking Rudy Giuliani’s 2005 honorary degree, with Preside [...] Read more

Middlebury College Faculty Vote to Support Divestment

by | November 8, 2018
Middlebury College faculty recently voted 86-7 to endorse the Student Government Association [...] Read more

Respecting the Right of Free Speech

by | March 16, 2017
Debates over free speech and intolerance have become, once again, news. [...] Read more

Author: Sanction College Students Who Shouted Down My Speech

by Lisa Rathke, Associated Press | March 7, 2017
MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — An author of a book discussing racial differences in intelligence who was s [...] Read more

Guillermo: How to Solve the Issue of Free Speech on Campus

by Emil Guillermo | March 5, 2017
Anyone who can show a receipt from the bursar has a right to say anything they want well beyond [...] Read more

College Students Protest Speaker Branded White Nationalist

by Associated Press | March 2, 2017
MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — Hundreds of Vermont college students have protested a lecture by a speaker [...] Read more