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Mellon Foundation Selects Renowned Poet and Scholar as President

by Pearl Stewart | February 8, 2018
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which supports humanities, culture and the arts in higher educ [...] Read more

Emerging Scholar Profile: Rogers Employs Psychology to Identify Educational Inequities

by Lois Elfman | February 5, 2018
Utilizing a developmental psychology approach, Dr. Leoandra “Onnie” Rogers explores how cul [...] Read more

ACT Launches 2018 Policy Platforms

by | January 23, 2018
ACT has released four new policy platforms geared to promote education and workplace access for [...] Read more

Crashing at Grandma’s? Some New York University Students to Bunk with Elderly

by Karen Matthews, Associated Press | December 18, 2016
NEW YORK — Ah, college. Halls of ivy. Stimulating class discussions. All-night cram sessions. [...] Read more

Columbia Teaching and Research Assistants Vote to Join Union

by Associated Press | December 11, 2016
NEW YORK — Graduate teaching and research assistants at Columbia University have voted to joi [...] Read more

National Debate Over Tuition-free Plan Continues

by Catherine Morris | December 17, 2015
The national debate to make community colleges free continues as more states develop a tuition- [...] Read more

Black Males Share Campus Challenges

by Autumn A. Arnett | October 11, 2015
Many students at the International Colloquium of Black Males spoke of an identity crisis, a str [...] Read more

Californians Increasingly Shut Out of State’s Public Colleges

by Matt Krupnick, The Hechinger Report | August 20, 2015
Once envied, the state system of higher education is seen as a warning to others. [...] Read more

Astronomy Professor Soars, Determined to Lift Others

by Lois Elfman | July 30, 2015
An early fascination with stars in the sky kept Dr. Gerceida Jones focused and has driven her t [...] Read more

Flores Joining Faculty at New York University

by Jamal Eric Watson | May 20, 2015
Dr. Stella Flores’ research focuses on the impact that state and federal policies have on col [...] Read more

Students of Single-Parent Homes Losing Ground

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | March 2, 2015
If graduating from college means beating the odds associated with being raised in a single-pare [...] Read more
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