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Guide Recommends Ways to Incorporate Mental Health Practices into the First-Year Experience

by | November 11, 2020 This spring, Active Minds and the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and St Read more

Learning Critical Empathy: A Lesson From Journalism

by Patrice Rankine | November 4, 2020
We can never know what it was like to be George Floyd, but the reward for trying is that we cul [...] Read more

University of Richmond President Dr. Ronald Crutcher Reflects on His Lengthy Career

by | November 2, 2020
For Dr. Ronald Crutcher, president of the University of Richmond, higher education leadership i [...] Read more

Liberal Arts for the Current Times

by Patrice Rankine | October 22, 2020
A lifetime of events has occurred in the span of less than a year: COVID-19 declared a global p [...] Read more

University of Richmond Will Use Modular Homes for Students to Quarantine

by | September 11, 2020
The University of Richmond announced the school will be using modular homes for students to hav [...] Read more

‘Dramatic Change Will Require Leadership.’ A Message to the Next Generation of Leaders

by Thad Williamson | July 7, 2020
This summer we have all been living and learning through an unprecedented crisis: literally the [...] Read more

Incoming Cornell Football Recruit Out of Team After He Uses Racial Slur

| June 23, 2020
An incoming freshman at Cornell University has lost his spot on the college football team after [...] Read more

Three Considerations Concerning Art in Troubled Times

by Patrice Rankine | May 6, 2020
Art is therapy for our hurting souls. Art appeals to all that is real, ideal and sublime, the w [...] Read more

On April 17, U of Richmond President Will Live Stream His Cello Performance on Facebook

| April 13, 2020
To provide “inspiration, encouragement, and comfort” to his institution’s community durin [...] Read more

Uncharted Waters: The Top 5 Tips for Transitioning to Remote Learning

by Heather Russell | March 26, 2020
This week may mark your first time remote teaching. Maybe your institution remains on spring br [...] Read more

Crafting Our Political Self: A Powerful Antidote to Intolerance

by Patrice Rankine | February 25, 2020
It is difficult and counterintuitive to ask questions about the self when we have been attacked [...] Read more

Documents Show University of Richmond Built on Slave Burial Site

by | January 23, 2020
University of Richmond has acknowledged that part of their campus was built on a slave burial s [...] Read more

Balance is Elusive. Seek Personal ‘Integration’ in 2020

by Patrice Rankine | January 14, 2020
“Work-life balance” is a widespread challenge, one originating in industrialization, the ma [...] Read more

Strategic Plans? Why They Matter for the Promise of Inclusive Excellence

by Patrice Rankine | December 4, 2019
Church folks know the phrase, “No plan, no promise.” For academic faculty and staff at coll [...] Read more

University of Richmond Group Formed to Discuss Race, Social Issues

by | August 6, 2019
After the events of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, members from the Univ [...] Read more
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