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Guillermo: Asian American Professors Speak on Suit Against U. of Michigan

by Emil Guillermo | March 19, 2017

What is the situation like for professors of color at major universities, particularly the ones [...]

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Guillermo: Asian American Professors Suit May Expose University of Michigan

by Emil Guillermo | March 12, 2017

A married Asian American couple — both a former and current faculty member of the University [...]

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Guillermo: How to Solve the Issue of Free Speech on Campus

by Emil Guillermo | March 5, 2017

Anyone who can show a receipt from the bursar has a right to say anything they want well beyond [...]

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Guillermo: Trump’s Sense of Equality Doesn’t Include Transgendered

by Emil Guillermo | February 26, 2017

Trump’s words do not match his deeds, when it comes to civil rights or bathroom rights. Trump [...]

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Guillermo: Asian American History Shows Why Travel Ban Unjust

by Emil Guillermo | February 20, 2017

The media mostly forgot that Sunday marked the 75th anniversary of President Roosevelt signing [...]

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Guillermo: Under Trump, Education Loses Out to Distractions

by Emil Guillermo | February 12, 2017

After just three weeks, you’ve got to hand it to Trump 45. He’s terrorized us all and shake [...]

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Guillermo: How Far are Colleges, Scholars Ready to Go Against Trump?

by Emil Guillermo | February 5, 2017

As the legal back and forth on the Trump executive order is creating a public mini-course on co [...]

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Guillermo: To Talladega Band, What Kind of March Would MLK Attend?

by Emil Guillermo | January 8, 2017

Call the inaugural what it is. It is the celebration of an incoming administration that threate [...]

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Guillermo: Stanford Sexual Assault Case Another Example of Broken System

by Emil Guillermo | January 2, 2017

The New York Times’ front page treatment of a college sexual assault case once again shines a [...]

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Guillermo: Anti-affirmative Action Foes Continue with Fake Conclusions

by Emil Guillermo | December 27, 2016

Conservatives fighting affirmative action think they’ve learned from the Fisher case and are [...]

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