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Diverse Conversations: Have For-profit Schools Preyed on Minorities?

by Matthew Lynch | February 18, 2016

Have For-profit Schools Preyed on Minorities? [...]

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Diverse Conversations: Are Colleges Doing Enough to Close the Achievement Gap?

by Matthew Lynch | February 8, 2016

When it comes to truly closing the achievement gap between students from all life backgrounds, [...]

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Diverse Conversations: How UCF Built Diversity into its Rapid Growth

by Matthew Lynch | January 6, 2016

In the past two decades, the University of Central Florida tripled its enrollment numbers to 63 [...]

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Diverse Conversations: Why Doesn’t Minority Faculty Look Like America?

by Matthew Lynch | December 23, 2015

A recent report found that, at some schools, like Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan [...]

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Diverse Conversations: 3 Reasons You Should Care About Hispanic-Serving Institutions

by Matthew Lynch | December 22, 2015

As HSIs grow in number, it’s important for all college educators to realize the effect these [...]

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Diverse Conversations: 4 Ways HBCUs Can Prepare Students for Lack of Workplace Diversity

by Matthew Lynch | November 23, 2015

There has to be a blending of what is actually happening in the workplace with what the ideal [...]

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Diverse Conversations: Do Full-ride Scholarships Really Increase College Diversity?

by Matthew Lynch | November 18, 2015

Finances are certainly an obstacle when it comes to creating diverse college campuses but it is [...]

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Diverse Conversations: Which Presidential Candidates are Best for College Diversity?

by Matthew Lynch | August 19, 2015

More specifically, which candidate’s policies will best support diversity on college campuses [...]

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Diverse Conversations: 5 Ways to Maintain College Diversity Without Affirmative Action

by Matthew Lynch | August 10, 2015

Over the past 50 years, affirmative action has helped transform college student populations fro [...]

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Diverse Conversations: How Can HBCUs Raise More Alumni Dollars?

by Matthew Lynch | July 5, 2015

Finding ways to keep these institutions relevant is more important than ever. [...]

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