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Emil Guillermo: ‘Almost Christmas’ Almost an Antidote for the Election of Trump

by | November 13, 2016

On the Friday after the most shocking election in recent history, I elected to shut off the new [...]

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Emil Guillermo: Hint of Affirmative Action Politics Plays Role in Presidential Campaign

by Emil Guillermo | August 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton makes vow to be the “president for all Americans” during a Q&A last week at [...]

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Emil Guillermo: If Larry Wilmore Can’t Say the N-word Who Can?

by | May 1, 2016

If Larry Wilmore Can't Say the N-word Who Can? [...]

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Guillermo: National Free Speech Center Too Academic for Words

by Emil Guillermo | October 30, 2017

When faced with a real-life issue on campus like protecting free speech, the largest public res [...]

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Guillermo: Hire Diverse Speakers to Offset Spectacle of White Nationalists on Campus

by Emil Guillermo | October 23, 2017

A diverse group of speakers throughout the year helps to deny Richard Spencer’s ideas credibi [...]

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Guillermo: Will Weinstein Saga Change Attitudes Toward Campus Sexual Harassment?

by Emil Guillermo | October 16, 2017

Sexual harassment on campus is bad enough when it’s simply a matter of students. But add a pr [...]

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Guillermo: Rethinking Campus Carry Laws After Las Vegas

| October 9, 2017

As we try to understand the motives of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas massacre shooter, more th [...]

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Guillermo: Free Speech for the President, But Not Jemele Hill?

by Emil Guillermo | September 18, 2017

President Trump knows exactly what he’s doing -- he’s making everyone question all free spe [...]

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Guillermo: Trump Must Not Shut Off Dream of DACA

by Emil Guillermo | August 28, 2017

We are coming up to a major game of chicken over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. [...]

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Guillermo: Undocumented Student Finds Her Golden Door, Hopes to Help Others

by By Emil Guillermo | July 30, 2017

Cheska Mae Perez isn’t a Latino name. She’s 19, a Filipino immigrant, whose example speaks [...]

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