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Companies Team Up on Online Tutoring

by Black Issues

Companies Team Up on Online TutoringWASHINGTON
This fall, colleges and universities that use Noel-Levitz consulting to increase student retention will be able to deliver integrated, round-the-clock, online tutoring services to students from SMARTHINKING, a leading provider of live, online tutoring solutions.    
Beginning in September 2002, schools and students using RetentionTrax(TM), the Noel-Levitz retention tracking software, will have seamless access to SMARTHINKING’s tutoring and scheduling services and administrative data. Combining Noel-Levitz’s experience in student recruitment, market research and communications with SMARTHINKING’s virtual tutoring platform, schools can provide students with the support they need, according to officials in both companies.
“Research shows that increasing tutoring services and expanding the campus community improves student retention,” says Lana Low, vice president for Retention and Assessment Services at Noel-Levitz. “Being able to provide personal help anytime, anywhere certainly fulfills these requirements.”
“We are pleased to be working with Noel-Levitz. Both companies are founded on the principle that our services can help schools increase retention, save money and improve accountability,” says Burck Smith, chief executive officer, SMARTHINKING, which is based in Washington, D.C. Advisers and professors will have the ability to recommend this tutoring service to students, and administrators will see aggregate and individual student usage data, such as who is using online tutoring, in what subject, for how long and even what questions were asked.
Administrators and staff then can use this data, along with the powerful referral and communication tools in RetentionTrax, to direct appropriate help to students when they need it the most, according to officials.  

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