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Facing Racism in Education

by Black Issues

Facing Racism in Education
Eds. Sonya L. Anderson, Polly F. Attwood, and Lionel C. Howard
Harvard Educational Review, 2004
315 pp. $29.95 paperback
ISBN 0-916690-42-3

This third edition of Facing Racism in Education continues the work begun in the first and second editions of this widely acclaimed book, breaking the silence about the experiences of people of color in education. The new volume features equal measures of classic essays from the previous two editions and new essays written since 1996. Together they offer a complex and compelling view of race in today’s education world.
At a time when many in public life and public education are inclined to argue that racial issues and problems belong to a bygone era, this third edition of Facing Racism in Education makes clear the need for continued attention to and open discussion of race and education.
Anderson is a doctoral candidate in administration, planning and social policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; Attwood is a doctoral candidate in multicultural curriculum and multicultural teacher education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; and Howard is a doctoral candidate in human development and psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

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