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Jacqueline D. Peterson

Jacqueline D. Peterson

College of the Holy Cross, founded in 1843, is a four-year liberal arts college of approximately 2,900 students. Holy Cross is grounded in the Jesuit traditions and seeks to build a community that fosters intellectual, spiritual and moral development of all members. To this end, the college is dedicated to providing students a platform through teaching, learning, and research to critically examine the fundamental religious and philosophical questions germane to liberal arts education. With an emphasis on open exploration and far-ranging curiosity, Holy Cross students engage in active learning with faculty to maintain an environment marked by freedom, mutual respect and civility.

Vice President and Dean of Students Jacqueline D. Peterson leads the Division of Student Affairs, made up of 77 full-time and 29 part-time staff members across various departments, including the Office of Student Involvement, the Office of Multicultural Education, residence life and housing, and the Career Planning Center, to name a few.

Student affairs at Holy Cross seeks to engage, educate and empower students. Specifically, they engage students to
become active participants in the life of the college; educate students through offering a multitude of co-curricular learning opportunities; and empower students to develop in the areas of leadership, citizenship and service to others.

Much like their work with students, student affairs professionals at Holy Cross are encouraged to participate in a community of service that “supports the intellectual growth of all its members while offering them opportunities for spiritual and moral development.” This special commitment to supporting the growth and development of all community members is what makes the College of the Holy Cross one of the Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs at Baccalaureate and Liberal Arts Institutions.

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