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ANNIE-STEVENSThe University of Vermont (UVM) is the fifth-oldest university in New England behind only Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown. UVM prides itself on offering a welcoming campus environment typical of a small liberal arts college with the resources of a major research university. UVM is dedicated to remaining among the nation’s premier small research universities, preeminent in their comprehensive commitment to liberal education, environment, health and public service.

UVM’s Division of Student Affairs is led by Vice Provost Annie Stevens. Appointed to the position in July 2013, Stevens’ tenure at UVM dates back to 1997, when she began as the director of residential life. In her current role as vice provost for student affairs, Stevens provides leadership to 180 full-time and 6 part-time college student educators across several departments, including residential life, academic success programs, the Center for Student Ethics & Standards, the Center for Health & Wellbeing, and student life, among others.

The Division of Student Aff airs at UVM is driven by the singular goal of creating a campus where every student
matters and all students succeed. To that end, five core functional areas anchor all programming and services
offered through the division: enhancing learning; advancing diversity; promoting health and safety; creating community; and managing resources.

When informed of UVM’s selection as a Most Promising Place to Work in Student Affairs, Stevens shared, “We are honored and humbled to be recognized for our 12-plus year commitment and engagement in creating an inclusive, diverse and multiculturally competent student affairs division. Our commitment to this work is multifaceted and has been sustained through our annual professional development series, the support we offer to staff to participate and present at local and national conferences, and our commitment to assessment, affirmative recruitment and hiring practices.”

Under Stevens’ leadership, UVM’s Division of Student Affairs maintains a firm commitment to providing students with a transformative educational environment where justice, responsibility, integrity, inclusivity and collaboration serve as community values.

Stevens spoke directly to her division’s commitment as she shared, “Our focus on diversity and inclusion has truly enabled us to be a more collaborative, thoughtful and informed community of practitioners. We know that investing in our own growth and learning deepens our ability to gain the awareness, knowledge and skills that will broadly and deeply impact the services we provide to our students.” The division’s commitment to collaboration and inclusivity for students and practitioners alike is a major part of what makes The University of Vermont a Most Promising Place to Work in Student Affairs at Research Institutions.

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