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How Did the Republicans Lose Their Hope and Their Party?



The political posturing and back and forth will come to a screeching halt on Tuesday, November 8. We can all agree, Democrats, Republicans and Independents that this has been the most vicious and mean spirited presidential campaign in modern day history.

New attack ads and unreasonable strategies were coming from one candidate’s camp almost on an hourly basis. It is my opinion that the Republican Party have only themselves to blame for this political farce of a campaign that they have represented.

Republicans in Congress spent the past eight years blaming President Barack Obama for everything from the weather to the economy. They had a constant mantra of “no;” no to healthcare, no to women’s rights and no to education. These were only of a few of them!

Instead of trying to develop meaningful dialogues with President Obama, the Republican Party used no as their everyday response. President Obama used many approaches to try and establish a relationship with them but nothing worked.

I will use three adjectives and they are smart, Black and male. Barack Obama fits all the above categories. While they will never, ever admit it, many Republicans, not all Republicans, just could not take it.

Their privilege, their pride and their self-perceived power could not understand how a Black man could become the most powerful person in the world.

Even some in our communities were against President Obama not because of his policies and proposals but because of his race. Unfortunately, too many African Americans suffer from a crabs in the barrel mindset. We simply do not want to see other African Americans succeed. Sad.

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So now for many months, the Republican Party has had as their presidential nominee a man who gloats about not paying taxes, a man who demeans women and a man who questions the fundamental integrity of the voting process in this country.

Shame on the Republican Party. They should be thoroughly embarrassed. For example, the state of North Carolina has become the laughing stock of the country because its Republican governing body passed HB2 into law. They want to legislate what bathroom its citizens can use so if you are a Republican in my home state of North Carolina and you supported this law then shame on you.

I am unbridled in my enthusiasm for what will happen on the night of November 8. Somewhere between 10 p.m. and midnight television stations across America will announce that Hillary Clinton will become the next president of the United States of America. I can hear Martha Reeves and The Vandellas singing now, “They’re dancing in the streets.”

A few weeks ago, as President Obama talked about the Republican nominee’s credentials, some people began to boo. The President’s appropriate response was, “Don’t boo, vote.”

We must as rational thinkers and reasonable people vote in record numbers on November 8 to ensure the victory for Hillary Clinton. We will be making history with each of our votes.

The American people do not want a television showman as president. Americans do not want a person for president who won’t reveal his taxes. Some of us were born at night but fortunately not last night. We can see right through him.

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We have let this unqualified, short on policy and specifics guy hang around long enough. Our votes must topple him because our hopes are in the American people.

Recently, the Republican presidential nominee gave what was supposed to be a policy speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Instead he spent the first part of it bashing the system and everything else. It is impossible for him to act presidential.

I have watched his supporters on television defend the GOP nominee, no matter what he said or did. Recently, he used profane language as he was talking about women yet his supporters defended him profusely. His surrogates are on another planet as they try to defend the indefensible. Is there hope for his supporters? I believe so.

Supporters of this man have been in a political coma for many months now. They were given a bromide for encouragement but so far nothing has worked.

However, on the night of November 8, his supporters will be given an IV of hope for this country. I have every confidence that this will work.

I am excited and I know you are. Get your snacks ready, invite your friends over because on November 8, we will see Hillary Clinton become the first woman to become President of The United States of America.

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