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Guillermo: New York Codifies an Orwellian ‘Tuition-free’ College Plan

by Emil Guillermo | April 16, 2017

Here’s a word of caution. When a politician uses the word “free,” have your hand on your [...]

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University of Kentucky Sports Scholar Finds Perfect Balance

by Catherine Morris | April 10, 2017

Paul Sime knew early on that he had big aspirations. He has excelled both athletically and acad [...]

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Rodriguez: Do All Lives Matter?

by Roberto Rodriguez |

It was a great forum and a great dialogue, but in a sense, it was the wrong question. The reaso [...]

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Guillermo: Does Your Diversity Look Like Latest White House War Room?

by Emil Guillermo | April 9, 2017

When there’s a crisis on campus what does your institution’s “war room” look like? Is i [...]

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Colleges, Universities Officially Cite Potential Harm of Travel Ban

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim |

With the second travel ban issued by President Donald J. Trump being held in abeyance, colleges [...]

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Colleges Could Start Using “Adversity Index”

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | April 4, 2017

In an effort to admit more students who hail from some of the nation’s most socio-economicall [...]

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HB 142 Meets With NCAA Approval, Civil Rights Groups’ Criticism

by Catherine Morris |

Critics of the bill’s replacement, House Bill 142, said that it continues the same discrimina [...]

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Turmoil Continues at Morehouse College Over Wilson’s Ouster

by Catherine Morris | April 3, 2017

A period of apparent unrest at Morehouse College continues after faculty took a vote of no conf [...]

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Low-Income Students are Vulnerable in a Shifting College Access Landscape

by Marcus Bright |

The removal of previous gains and the erosion of certain channels of access through various mea [...]

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