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The Lunar New Year Starts and the Day of Remembrance Never Ends

The Lunar New Year Starts and the Day of Remembrance Never Ends

by | February 23, 2015 Special times as communities celebrate and commemorate. Read more
Putting ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ in Context with Black History Month

Putting ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ in Context with Black History Month

by | February 8, 2015 Southern Blacks and Chinese have lived together since the 1870s. [...] Read more

Diverse Docket: Instructor’s Suit Against Delgado Community College Can Move Forward

by Eric Freedman | November 23, 2014 A Korean American chemistry instructor can pursue allegations that Delgado Community College de [...] Read more

Expert Sees AAPI Churches, Elders as Keys to LGBT Inclusion in Higher Ed

by Lydia Lum | June 30, 2014 A former evangelical minister, Jess Delegencia led a conference session last week examining the [...] Read more

Intervention Programs Having Positive Impact on AAPI Educational Achievement

by Lydia Lum | June 16, 2014 AAPI community college students who participate in federally funded intervention programs are l [...] Read more

Higher Ed Medical Facilities Becoming Health Havens for Refugees

by Helen Hu | June 11, 2014 Interest in refugee health care is intensifying in the U.S., reflecting passage of the Refugee [...] Read more

Yuri Kochiyama, Human Rights Advocate and Malcom X Ally, Dies

by Lydia Lum | June 4, 2014 She is perhaps most known for cradling Malcolm X’s head in her lap as he died from gunshot wo [...] Read more

D.C. STEM Symposium Examines Equity Issue

by Catherine Morris | May 27, 2014 Assistant secretary of education, College Board president among those weighing in on diversity [...] Read more

Experts: Intentional Race-conscious Outreach Needed in Admissions Process

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | May 19, 2014 Test scores alone and skewed admissions criteria seen as roadblocks to achieving diversity. [...] Read more

Israeli, Chinese Universities to Collaborate

by Ariel David, Associated Press | Two top universities from Israel and China announced Monday that they are starting a $300 milli [...] Read more

Low Profile of New President of NAACP Might Be Obstacle for Group’s Growth

by Jamal Watson | Cornell Brooks does not come to the job with national name recognition, which experts say is cr [...] Read more

IU Professor Describes the Origins of the Asian ‘Model Minority’ in the U.S.

by Helen Hu | May 18, 2014 Ellen Wu, assistant professor of history at Indiana University Bloomington, recalls the origins [...] Read more

Chiang Remembered as Pioneer Biostatistician of Public Health

by Lydia Lum | May 15, 2014 Chiang’s use of statistics helped transform the health care field, impacted analyses of publi [...] Read more

Celebrating Brown, Confronting Its Challenging Legacy

by Ronald Roach | As the sixtieth anniversary of the Brown v. Board court decision is celebrated, scholars say se [...] Read more

School Integration Slipping 60 Years After Brown

by Jesse J. Holland and Kimberly Hefling, Associated Press | May 14, 2014 Progress toward integrating America’s schools since the landmark Brown v. Topeka Board of Edu [...] Read more
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White Privilege: How It Undermines Our Best Efforts to Diversify and Be Inclusive
January 27, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time