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Report: Bachelor’s Degrees Don’t Protect Black, Hispanic Wealth

by Autumn A. Arnett | August 17, 2015 A recent study commissioned by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis found that college is not Read more

Education Cuts May Be a Solution to Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

by Catherine Morris | July 28, 2015
To solve Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, cut spending on education and sell off government real es [...] Read more

Cal State Fullerton Top Degree Producer for Latinos Studying Health

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | May 19, 2015
California State University, Fullerton is one of the top 25 institutions where Latinos earned b [...] Read more

Padrón’s Career Built on Making American Dream Accessible

by David Pluviose | May 7, 2015
Miami Dade College has prospered under Eduardo Padrón’s leadership as president over the las [...] Read more

California Producing Too Few Latino College Grads

by Ronald Roach | May 3, 2015
Broken practices and unproductive policies at California public colleges and universities pose [...] Read more

Students Challenge Columbia University’s Alleged Limiting Use of Spanish

by Catherine Morris | April 27, 2015
According to a petition circulating among the Columbia University community, dining service wor [...] Read more

Value of Postsecondary Degree Higher Among Blacks and Hispanics

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | April 19, 2015
A recent study by the Gallup-Lumina Foundation found that favorable views toward the value of a [...] Read more

Miami-Dade Students Mentor Migrant Children

by Ronald Roach | April 9, 2015
In ‘Pages for All Ages’ project, Miami-Dade College students develop skills and gain confid [...] Read more

Inequalities in Education Continue to Fuel Wealth Gap in U.S.

by Autumn A. Arnett | April 5, 2015
A recent report titled “The Racial Wealth Gap” examined, in conjunction with other factors, [...] Read more

Professor On Board with Preserving Panamanian Culture

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | April 2, 2015
When Latin American history professor Peter Szok first rode one of the “red devil” buses in [...] Read more

HACU Making Maintaining Accessibility of Pell Grants a Priority

by Catherine Morris | March 25, 2015
Many low-income, first-generation-to-college students rely on Pell Grants. For Hispanic student [...] Read more

Initiative in California Clearing Path to Law School for Underrepresented

by Lydia Lum | January 4, 2015
There’s a broad effort to encourage and steer more community college graduates in California [...] Read more
Bensimon’s Journey Leads to Advocacy for Equity

Bensimon’s Journey Leads to Advocacy for Equity

by Christina Sturdivant | January 1, 2015
At the 10th Annual American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education’s National Conferenc [...] Read more

ASHE: Hispanic-Serving Institutions Could Face Rough Road Ahead

by Catherine Morris | November 24, 2014
At a panel focusing on Hispanic-serving institutions, panelists looked to the past and future o [...] Read more

At Age 10, Excelencia Still Fighting for Latino Educational Growth

by Catherine Morris | November 20, 2014
Leaders from Excelencia in Education, Congress and others focused Thursday on the crucial role [...] Read more
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