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$5.3M in Grants Issued to Combat Native American Education ‘Crisis’

by Catherine Morris | September 24, 2015 The Departments of the Interior and Education announced that $5.3 million in grants will go to Read more

Report: Underfunded Tribal Colleges Also Undervalued

by Jamal Eric Watson | September 13, 2015
Despite meager resources, tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) are actively working to revit [...] Read more

Honoring Cultural Traditions of Native Graduates

by Robert Cook | June 9, 2015
Native graduates receive their eagle feathers and plumes and proudly wear them on their graduat [...] Read more

Committee Investigates Failing State of Indian Education

by Catherine Morris | May 14, 2015
Of the students who attend Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools, only half graduate from hi [...] Read more

Universities Find Building ‘Home’ on Campus Conducive to Native Americans’ Success

by Autumn A. Arnett | December 8, 2014
Educators say that the ability to build a sense of community on campus is most critical for att [...] Read more

Obama Promises Funding, Resources in Response to Tribal Nations’ Education ‘Emergency’

by Catherine Morris | December 3, 2014
The White House 2014 Native Youth Report, released on Wednesday, finds that Native youth and Na [...] Read more

Tribal Libraries Provide Lifeline to Higher Education

by Catherine Morris | December 2, 2014
Librarians and directors are making the most of sometimes limited funds to help tribal citizens [...] Read more

Athletes Bring Higher Education Awareness to Native Americans

by Lois Elfman | November 27, 2014
On the playing fields and hardwood floors across the country, Native American athletes who are [...] Read more

Oklahoma State University Trying to Open STEM Door to More Native Americans

by Catherine Morris | November 25, 2014
The newly created Office for the Advancement of Native Americans in Medicine and Science, heade [...] Read more

For Americans Fighting to Reclaim Their Culture, Thanksgiving Means More Than Food

by Colleen Fitzgerald |
Today, the Wampanoag and other Native American tribes give thanks for those who fight to bring [...] Read more

For African-Americans, Determining Native American Ancestry Often a Challenge

by Kenneth J. Cooper | November 23, 2014
Many African-Americans claim some Native ancestry, often based on family oral history passed th [...] Read more

Remembering The First

by Angela P. Dodson | October 30, 2014
The American Indian College Fund suggests that one of the ways to observe Native American Herit [...] Read more

Experts: More Focus Needed on Guiding Native Americans to Doctoral Programs

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | July 30, 2014
Higher Ed stakeholders are looking to boost the number of Native Americans earning Ph.D.s and t [...] Read more

Colleges Woo Native Americans With New Programs

by Krysta Fauria, Associated Press | July 20, 2014
A growing number of universities are offering programs to recruit and prepare Native American s [...] Read more

Financial Help Not Likely on Horizon for Tribal Colleges

by Catherine Morris | June 22, 2014
At an address earlier this month at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, President Obama promised a [...] Read more
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