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Remembering Dr. George E. Cooper

by Autumn A. Arnett | July 27, 2015 When I met Dr. Cooper in September 2013, he had just been named Executive Director of the White Read more

Fresh Off the Boat to Grad School

by Melina Gehring | July 20, 2015
Taking on non-native speakers as graduate students definitely is a challenge, but your grad pro [...] Read more

Using History to Become Constructively Critical

by Dale Schlundt | July 16, 2015
In history as well as other disciplines, the need to corroborate the narrative is simply a give [...] Read more
Addressing the Skills Gap for Students and Young Adults

Addressing the Skills Gap for Students and Young Adults

by Eric Gaze | July 7, 2015
It is imperative that we address the failings and inequities of our current educational system, [...] Read more

Study on Black, Hispanic Children in Special Ed Wrong, Regressive

by Donna Y. Ford and Ivory A. Toldson | July 5, 2015
An op-ed by Paul L. Morgan and George Farks claimed that “black children are underrepresented [...] Read more

Getting Race and Poverty Right in Education

by H. Richard Milner IV | July 1, 2015
Several months ago, I was invited to conduct a professional development session in a school wit [...] Read more

The Legacy of Dr. Norman C. Francis and Xavier University

by Trevonne M. Thompson, MD and Myiesha Taylor, MD | June 29, 2015
Physicians and alumni of Xavier University, Trevonne M. Thompson, MD and Myiesha Taylor, MD rem [...] Read more

HBCUs, HSIs Equipped to Aid Incarcerated Youth

by Larry J. Walker | June 24, 2015
A 2013 study by RAND concluded that prisoners were 43 percent less likely to be imprisoned aft [...] Read more

Confronting Assault Issues on Campus: Our Reality, Our Challenge

by Verelyn Gibbs Watson | June 23, 2015
Late last year my personal life collided with my work life in regards to the issues of assault [...] Read more

When Asian Americans Hear Hate Crime, We Think of Vincent Chin

by Emil Guillermo | June 21, 2015
The anniversary of his beating death in 1982 coincides with the mourning in Charleston. [...] Read more

Is Overcoming White Privilege Unattainable?

by Jose J. Valdez | June 17, 2015
I believe that there is a segment of our society, regardless of ethnic background, that depends [...] Read more

Rich vs. Poor: The Growing “Class” Gap in Higher Education

by Brian C. Mitchell | June 10, 2015
Two thoughtful yet troubling articles, published within a week of each other, startled higher e [...] Read more

Honoring Cultural Traditions of Native Graduates

by Robert Cook | June 9, 2015
Native graduates receive their eagle feathers and plumes and proudly wear them on their graduat [...] Read more

Office Hours: Leading from Within in Higher Education

by Cornelius Gilbert | June 4, 2015
Knowing that one’s leader is truly vested in them can build trust and even move beyond stric [...] Read more

Silence Not an Option When Injustice Abounds

by Robert A. Scott |
Can we allow ourselves to remain silent in the face of social and economic injustice? [...] Read more
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