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A Critical Moment for LGBTQ Student Success

by Rebecca Dolinsky | June 22, 2016 The minute that students matriculate to institutions of higher education, they should expect Read more

The Three Stages of College Choice, Critical Race Theory, and the Black Senior

by Keeley Anne Copridge | June 20, 2016
The higher education system must be aware of how racism, in particular institutional racism, in [...] Read more

The Father’s Day We Never Discuss

by Jaquial Durham | June 17, 2016
There are millions of Black men who can be found in jails and prisons, and the public’s ackno [...] Read more

College Administrators, Students Need to Know Ins and Outs of DACA

by Emil Guillermo | June 13, 2016
How many colleges have administrators who simply don’t know all the ins and outs of the law w [...] Read more

Post-traditional Higher Ed Landscape Requires a New Three-Way Partnership

by Pete Wheelan | June 8, 2016
Traditional students are no longer the majority in higher education. Today’s student body is [...] Read more

For-profit Education: 5 Steps to Improvement

by Joseph D’Angelo | June 6, 2016
For-profits educational institutions are under increased scrutiny as stiff regulation, declinin [...] Read more

All Motion Ain’t Progress

by William Small, Jr. | June 2, 2016
I consider myself very blessed to have grown up in an era when the global political consciousne [...] Read more

A Threat to HBCUs – Race and Higher Education in the South

by W. Eric Thomas | May 24, 2016
We must keep watch on these Institutions and speak out when there is a concern. We must take an [...] Read more

Do You Love What You Do as a Black Educator in Higher Ed?

by John C. Turner | May 19, 2016
The flexibility, the benefits, and the ability that I have to help people accomplish their drea [...] Read more

Standardized Tests Never Have Been Racially Neutral

by Ibram X. Kendi | May 16, 2016
Exclusive excerpt from Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in Am [...] Read more

The Journey of a Non-traditional Student

by Kemuel Benyehudah | May 8, 2016
The journey of non-traditional students continues beyond the undergraduate context. [...] Read more

The 2016 Presidential Election Process: One Black Man’s Perspective

by William Small, Jr. | May 4, 2016
The struggle today is not simply about the tension generated by the need to breathe false life [...] Read more

Teaching Armed Students is Next to Impossible

by Kishonna L. Gray | May 2, 2016
Teaching armed students changes the dynamics of a classroom and will alter what you teach and h [...] Read more
Everybody has a Favorite Prince Song, and Mine Isn’t ‘Purple Rain’

Everybody has a Favorite Prince Song, and Mine Isn’t ‘Purple Rain’

by Emil Guillermo | April 24, 2016
The one song that I think encapsulates Prince is “Controversy,” from the album of the same [...] Read more
Why It’s Important to Say #BlackGirlsMatter

Why It’s Important to Say #BlackGirlsMatter

by Atiya S. Strothers | April 22, 2016
The AERA panel was a production of love, a production of authenticity, and a shared sense of be [...] Read more
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