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Black Youth Filling the Leadership Void

by William Small, Jr. | November 29, 2015 Black youth have endured a complicated assault of abuse, criticism and relative political aband Read more

Time to Save Our HBCUs Ourselves

by Ja'Net Adams | November 24, 2015
Business as usual is dead and it is time for HBCUs to adapt to a new environment never seen bef [...] Read more

Failing Grade: Why There Aren’t More African-American Teachers in Classrooms

| November 18, 2015
The need for the African-American teacher continues to increase. What do we need to do to prote [...] Read more
Fueling the Talent Engine —– A Rich Mixture to go the Distance

Fueling the Talent Engine —– A Rich Mixture to go the Distance

by Fred Harburg | November 16, 2015
The talent engines of organizations can be fueled to perform at the highest levels of excellenc [...] Read more

Where Are All the Black College Faculty?

by Leslie T. Fenwick and H. Patrick Swygert | November 11, 2015
It’s an uncomfortable and unacceptable shame ― nearly two decades into a new millennium ― [...] Read more

The Cost of Academic Freedom: How Ghosts of Racism’s Past Haunt College Campuses

by Latoya Russell Owens, Tiffany Jones and Darnell Cole | October 29, 2015
It seems yearly, particularly during Halloween and back-to-campus celebrations, White students [...] Read more

The HBCU Collegian That Could

by Michael J. Seaberry | October 27, 2015
“Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go [...] Read more

Scholars of Color Making Academic Research More Culturally Relevant

by Tiffany Flowers | October 19, 2015
A basic approach of conducting research, publishing work and focusing on information dissemina [...] Read more

MSIs Need to Embrace Competency-Based Learning Strategies

by Katrina S. Rogers and Mike Goldstein | October 13, 2015
It is essential for HBCUs, TCUs and other MSIs to be a part of the planning and implementation [...] Read more

Cuba – The Other Story

by William Smalls, Jr. | October 5, 2015
The recent visit by Pope Francis to Cuba and to the United States has been given a great deal o [...] Read more

‘My Brother’s Keeper’: A Lesson from Marc Lamont Hill

by Donald Mitchell Jr. and Adriel A. Hilton | October 4, 2015
While scalable, data-driven recommendations are indeed necessary to support young men of color, [...] Read more

U. of La Verne Board Chair Sees Reflection in Latino Students

by Luis Faura | October 1, 2015
National Hispanic Heritage Month holds significant value for millions of Americans each year. I [...] Read more

Suicide Heavily Impacts LGBTQ, Native American Youth

by Tim’m West and Robert Cook | September 28, 2015
When it comes to suicide prevention, awareness and support can’t be limited to just one month [...] Read more

And the Award Goes to …

by Chinwe O. Okeke | September 23, 2015
My self-esteem demons of elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college were d [...] Read more

Be a Creator, Not an Inheritor

by Dale Schlundt | September 15, 2015
Everyone at some point in their lives feels that their work is insignificant. [...] Read more
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