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Promoting and Maintaining Diversity in Pharmaceutical Education

by Henry North | January 20, 2015 Pharmacists are essential health care providers responsible for achieving positive health outco Read more

Golden Globe Comedy: It’s Funny Until it Happens to You

by Marybeth Gasman | January 13, 2015 Fey and Poehler’s participation in the mockery of Asians made me think about the way so many Read more

Higher Education: The Problem with Priorities

by Brian C. Mitchell | January 6, 2015 For most colleges, the best hires typically come today with individuals who understand that the Read more

Navigating Your First Tenure-Track Academic Position

by Brandon Brown | January 1, 2015 One’s ­first faculty position can be quite the mystery; at least it was for me. Read more

Do Community College Credentials Pay Off?

by Madeline Joy Trimble | December 23, 2014 The returns to education have been a popular topic of study among economics researchers. Read more

My Brother’s Keeper: The Role of HBCUs in Supporting Young Black Men

by Julius Davis, Ohmar Land and Wilbur Parker | December 18, 2014 Some stakeholders believe HBCUs should play a lead role in the My Brother’s Keeper initiative Read more

White is the New Black in Neo-Civil Rights Language

by Robin Hughes | December 14, 2014 Reverse discrimination a complaint, issue among some Whites. Read more

An Open Letter of Love to Black Students

by Rae Paris | December 8, 2014 Black professors know there is always more that people don’t see or hear or want to know, but Read more

Academic Racism in Play in Regard to Athletes

by Johari R. Shuck | December 7, 2014 The University of North Carolina has contributed in a bold and disturbing way to one of the gre Read more

Higher Education: Identifying the Senior Team

by Brian C. Mitchell | December 3, 2014 There are big changes coming in American higher education. College and university governance mu Read more

When the ‘Rule of Law’ is Unjust

by John Michael Lee, Jr. | December 1, 2014 Unjust rulings such as in the murder of Mike Brown should not be accepted by the public. Read more

For Americans Fighting to Reclaim Their Culture, Thanksgiving Means More Than Food

by Colleen Fitzgerald | November 25, 2014 Today, the Wampanoag and other Native American tribes give thanks for those who fight to bring Read more

Educational Privilege and Being Caught in the Middle

by Donna Y. Ford | November 24, 2014 I can’t always cash in on this privilege due to racial inequities, and sometimes gender inequ Read more

Ethnic Costumes Perpetuate Stereotypes, Mask Realities

by Enrique C. Ochoa and Gilda L. Ochoa | November 19, 2014 With Halloween just behind and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it is important to reflect on Read more

Diverse Conversations: Why the U.S. College Landscape Still Needs HBCUs

by Matthew Lynch | November 16, 2014 Declining enrollment has unsurprisingly led to a domino effect, reducing the resources availabl Read more
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White Privilege: How It Undermines Our Best Efforts to Diversify and Be Inclusive
January 27, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time