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Researchers Look to Census Data for Keys to Improving Educational Outcomes

by Monica Levitan | June 25, 2017 A new report examines racial inequity in education and offers recommendations based off of rese Read more

Rodriguez: For 2020, I’m Checking the American Indian Option

by Roberto Rodriguez | December 12, 2016
When the 2020 Census comes around, I will declare myself American Indian. I will do so both as [...] Read more

Native American Self-Identification Conflicting With Census Data

by Kerrie Fivecoat-Campbell | December 15, 2015
Many Americans self-identify as part Native American, yet such claims are often challenged when [...] Read more

Study: Limited Support for Transgender Census Category

by Ronald Roach | July 1, 2015
Researchers find that among transgender individuals there may be limited support for the inclus [...] Read more