2021 Emerging Scholars

Introducing this year’s batch of 15 scholars who represent the future of the academy.

Dr. Nadia Abuelezam

Dr. Nadia Abuelezam - Nursing

Dr. Elizabeth Aquino

Dr. Elizabeth Aquino - Nursing

Dr. Eluterio Blanco Jr.

Dr. Eluterio Blanco Jr. - Addiction Studies

Dr. Olivia Chilcote

Dr. Olivia Chilcote - American Indian Studies

Dr. Stephanie H. Cook

Dr. Stephanie H. Cook - Social Behavioral Sciences

Kendrick B. Davis

Kendrick B. Davis - Race and Equity

Dr. Antonio L. Ellis

Dr. Antonio L. Ellis - Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Dr. Sora Kim

Dr. Sora Kim - Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

Dr. Adana A.M. Llanos

Dr. Adana A.M. Llanos - Genetics and Human Genetics

Jameson D. Lopez

Jameson D. Lopez - Higher Education

Zora J Murff

Zora J Murff - Photography

Dr. Eric L. Piza

Dr. Eric L. Piza - Criminal Justice

Dr. Cynthia Wang

Dr. Cynthia Wang - Communications

Krystal L. Williams

Krystal L. Williams - Higher Education

Dr. Soua Xiong

Dr. Soua Xiong - Psychology