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Best and Brightest: Five Years, Five Degrees For One UConn Student

by Lelita Cannon | May 14, 2007

Devin Gaines is any university’s ideal candidate. An overachiever in the utmost sense of the [...]

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Documenting Violence in the ‘Hood’

by Black Issues | February 24, 2005

Documenting Violence in the ‘Hood’ Claflin University student receives coveted Sundance [...]

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The Education vs. Incarceration Debate

by Black Issues |

The Education vs. Incarceration Debate The letter shown on the cover of the magazine is authent [...]

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Best & Brightest: An Immigrant’s Story From a Community College to Cornell

by Lelita L. Cannon | October 16, 2007

It was a bit unsettling, all the moving around Julio Torres did as a child, from the Dominican [...]

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Best & Brightest: Obligation To Native Culture, Community Fuels Academic Drive

by Lelita L. Cannon | July 19, 2007

Karletta Chief has come a long way since the days when, as a Stanford University undergrad, [...]

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Best & Brightest: Give Up? No Way

by Lelita L. Cannon | June 18, 2007

At one point during graduate school at Norfolk State University, Michelle Happer, who was worki [...]

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College Board Seeks to Improve College Readiness of Minorities

by Lelita L. Cannon | October 4, 2006

No longer satisfied with just testing students to see if they’re ready for college, the Colle [...]

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Study: Tuition Tax Breaks Unfair to Lower-Income Students

by Lelita L. Cannon | September 21, 2006

A recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics suggests that college tuition [...]

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Report: Higher Education Unattainable for American Families

by Lelita L. Cannon | September 13, 2006

With tuition costs up significantly at public universities, and with median household incomes f [...]

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Exit Exams Fuel Debate as States Examine Alternatives

by Lelita L. Cannon | September 7, 2006

High school exit exams lie at the heart of one of the most vigorously debated controversies in [...]

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