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SAT, ACT now Optional for Colby College Applicants


Colby College applicants are no longer required to submit SAT or ACT test scores as part of the application process, Colby College officials announced on Monday. The change will begin with the incoming Class of 2023.

This change was made to create more availability for disadvantaged students, emphasize the applicants’ overall accomplishments and reduce college admissions anxiety for students, The Portland Press Herald reported.

This will hugely benefit underrepresented and low-income students who may not have the same opportunities or funds to take standardized tests be able to apply to the college. 

“From our perspective, we’re hoping this will contribute to attracting incredibly talented students from a multitude of backgrounds to the college – students that can make an impact on the college and the college on them because of their experiences and level of intellect both in and out of the classroom,” said Dr. Matt Proto, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid at Colby College. “Sometimes that’s not picked up on in a test score.”

Students will still have the option to submit ACT or SAT test scores along with their application to Colby if they wish.

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