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Brown University to Evaluate new Proposed Revisions to Title IX Regulations


In the wake of the release of the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed revisions to Title IX regulations, Brown University has announced that it will assess the proposal and provide feedback to the Department on the revisions.

The Department of Education’s proposed changes would alter how higher education institutions and public schools investigate sexual misconduct allegations made under Title IX.

Brown University’s Title IX Office

Many educators and educational organizations have already expressed their criticisms of the proposed rules, claiming that if implemented, the new rules would make survivors more resistant to come forward and report misconduct to their school.

Brown’s president Dr. Christina Paxson sent a community-wide email reassuring the institution’s commitment to “providing equitable and clear procedures” when receiving allegations of sexual misconduct from its students, according to The Brown Daily Herald.

The university will review the proposed regulations through open forums, town halls and an electronic comment box to provide several ways for the community to provide comments which will be used in Brown’s feedback as well as to its current policy.

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