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Top 30 Women in Higher Education

Dr. Charlene Alexander

Associate Provost for Diversity, Ball State University

Dr.Sharon Beverly

Assistant Vice President
for Student Affairs,
The College of New Jersey

Dr. Joyce Brown

Fashion Institute of Technology

Dr. France A. Cordova

President Emeritus,
Purdue University

Gilda R. Daniels

Associate Professor of Law, University of Baltimore

Sandra Begay-Campbell

Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Juliet V. García

University of Texas at Brownsville

Alecia DeCoudreaux

President, Mills College

Nikki Giovanni

University Distinguished Professor,
Virginia Tech

Dr. Ana Gil-Garcia

University Professor
Northeastern Illinois University

Dr.Marybeth Gasman

Professor of Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Bernadette Gray-Little

Chancellor, University of Kansas

Dr.Melissa Harris-Perry

Professor of Political Science,
Tulane University

Dr.Yvonne Maddox

Deputy Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development, National Institutes of Health

Dr.Muriel A. Howard

President, American Association of
State Colleges and Universities

Dr. Mabel Jones Matthews

Director for the Office of Education Infrastructure Division,

Dr. Michelle Khine

Associate Professor of Biomedical
Engineering, UC Irvine

Dr.Carolyn W. Meyers

President, Jackson State University

Dr.Sally Mason

President, University of Iowa

Dr. Bertha Hampton Miller

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
for Strategic Initiatives,
Fayetteville State University

Susie Powell

Screenwriter, Former Trustee,
Bennett College

Dr. Diana Natalicio

President, University of Texas El Paso

Dr.Irelene Ricks

Program Advisor, American
Association of State Colleges
and Universities

Dr.Kimberly Scott

Executive Director, COMPUGIRLS,
School of Social Transformation,
College of Liberal Arts
and Sciences, Arizona State University

Dr. Donna Shalala

President, University of Miami

Zakiya Smith

Strategy Director for Student Financial Support,
Lumina Foundation

Dr.Ruth Simmons

President Emeritus,
Brown University

Dr. Beverly Tatum

President, Spelman College

Joyce E. Smith

Chief Executive Officer,
National Association for College
Admission Counseling

Dr. Deborah Tannen

University Professor,
Georgetown University

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