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The True Meaning of Illegal

by Mary G. Acres

The True Meaning of Illegal

I feel that many illegal immigrants are taking full control over this issue (see “DREAM Act Becoming Major Mid-Term Battleground,” Sept. 21). If this young man has attended public school in the United States and his parents have not applied for full citizenship, then he should fault his parents. In actuality, he and his family have been in America well over the time needed to be awarded full citizenship, so what was the delay? Why would we (citizens and legal immigrants) pay to further his education? What about the poor young adults in America that would like to attend college? Our monies should be spent on those that want to become “full citizens” and not those who want help but refuse to abide by our laws.

What is our government thinking about? In America, the word illegal means you have broken a law. Our legislative body needs to wake up or go back to school and research the true meaning of the word “illegal,” then come up with a solution.

— Mary G. Acres
Addison, Texas

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