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Constance Iloh
Dr. Constance Iloh is an anthropologist who explores institutional culture, access, and exclusion across the P-20 education pipeline and beyond. Constance is an Associate Professor at Azusa Pacific University in the Department of Higher Education. One of Professor Iloh’s conceptual contributions is the Iloh Model of College-Going Decisions and Trajectories, a three-component contextual framework that illuminates how an assortment of students make decisions about higher education. Dr. Iloh has been invited to share her expertise with the Community College League of California, The Chronicle, Telemundo, and NBC Universal to name a few. Dr. Iloh’s work has been featured in Politico, Inside Higher Ed, The Chronicle, the Harvard Law Review, Medium, and National Public Radio (NPR). Constance Iloh is one of the few academics ever named to the change-agents and break-out stars of the Forbes 30 under 30 list. You can learn more about Dr. Iloh by visiting her website:

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