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Miseducating Black Students as a Form of Educational Malpractice and Professional Betrayal

by | September 14, 2020 Professional malpractice in education is a reality and it must be interrogated. Our field is no Read more

Our Children are Watching: Teachers, What are Your Non-Verbal Messages Saying to Our Black Students?

by | June 21, 2020
Due to racial injustices – profiling in society and in schools – Black caregivers are oblig [...] Read more

To Help Narrow Achievement Gaps During and After COVID-19, Families Must Promote Rigor and Relevance at Home

by | April 26, 2020
Who knows how long schools will be closed, but every day counts when it comes to addressing aca [...] Read more

Black Boys Cry Too: Let Them Be Free to Express Healthy Emotions

by | April 9, 2020
Distorted and misguided views about who is permitted to be sensitive, empathetic, and demonstra [...] Read more

A Message to Educators: Hygiene, Hand Washing, and Cultural Considerations Before, During, and After Health Crises

by | March 29, 2020
Like medical and mental health professionals, educators who are ignorant and incompetent relati [...] Read more

When Inhumanity ‘Trumps’ a Fundamental Basic Need to Live and Learn

by | March 7, 2020
Far too many families live in food deserts – low income communities, more than a mile from a [...] Read more

Supporting Black Students When They are Further Traumatized in School

by | February 23, 2020
There is no question that student trauma is on the rise and some school professionals are part [...] Read more

Social-Emotional Learning for Black Students is Ineffective When it is Culture-Blind

by | February 6, 2020
Educational professionals ill-prepared to work in culturally relevant ways with students of col [...] Read more

Racial Discrimination Continues to Deny Access to Gifted Education for Black Students: A Few Reality Checks

by | January 26, 2020
A new report indicates that Black students do not have access to advanced courses. For some rea [...] Read more