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Veteran Educator Tapped to Lead Adult-Serving University

by Lois Elfman | February 22, 2018 The presidency of Union Institute & University will enable Dr. Karen Schuster Webb to increase Read more

Western Governors University Grows Into Its Role

by Catherine Morris | October 12, 2017
Western Governors University has gone from pioneering to normalizing competency-based education [...] Read more

DC Experiments With Adult Education

by Paul Ruffins | August 10, 2017
The general success of D.C.’s adult charter schools is based on more than just generous fundi [...] Read more

Increasing Equity and Access Through Competency-based Education: What Do We Know?

by Katrina Rogers | September 14, 2016
Gaining access to a fast, flexible path to a degree and a more cost-effective way to learn are [...] Read more

Nebraska Nursing Program Gets Diversity Grant

| July 22, 2015
A $665,266 grant should help the University of Nebraska Medical Center attract a more diverse p [...] Read more

False Hope a Problem in Adult Math Education

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | July 13, 2015
In order to achieve better math outcomes in adult education, the field must abandon a series of [...] Read more

New Mexico Junior College

| May 21, 2015
New Mexico Junior College Chief Executive Officer Hobbs, N.M. Dr. Steve McCleery Founded in 196 [...] Read more

Growing Number of People Addicted to Pornography Alarming

by | October 9, 2014
Anyone who avidly follows contemporary popular culture and cultural trends in general is probab [...] Read more

Low-Income Students’ Success in College Starts in High School

by Whitney Soule and Jessica Pliska | July 8, 2014
There needs to be a partnership between colleges and organizations in the communities where stu [...] Read more

Business Leaders Unimpressed With College Grads’ Skills

by Jon Marcus, The Hechinger Report | May 5, 2014
Business leaders are increasingly pessimistic about whether college students are being adequate [...] Read more

GED Test Overhauled; Some States Opt for New Exam

by Kimberly Hefling, Associated Press | January 1, 2014
The General Educational Development (GED) test, for decades the brand name for the high school [...] Read more

Putting the Facts and Race in Perspective in the Zimmerman Acquittal

by | July 15, 2013
Still have a problem with the acquittal in the Trayvon Martin killing? The basic facts still do [...] Read more

Congress, Education Leaders Discuss Workforce Development Initiatives

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | March 14, 2013
On the same day that several top Republican lawmakers trekked to a Virginia community college t [...] Read more

The Dysfunctional Linking of Achievement and Race

by Aaron N. Taylor | November 2, 2012
For all its inadequacies, No Child Left Behind is based on a solemn premise — the belief that [...] Read more

Louisiana Regents Expands Online Services for Adult Learners, Community College Students

by Associated Press | July 12, 2011
Louisiana is expanding its efforts to ease the process for adults to return to college and for [...] Read more
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