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Stakeholders Call for Focus on Equity as Community Colleges Recover From COVID-19 Crisis

by | April 5, 2021 Last year colleges and universities were forced to temporarily close their doors as COVID-19 sp Read more

Mississippi State Budget Proposal Entails Possible Slight Raises for State and Higher Ed Employees

by | March 29, 2021
Mississippi legislator’s latest budget proposal could entail potential raises for state and h [...] Read more

Report: Libraries Contribute Significantly to Student Success at Community Colleges

by | March 11, 2021
Libraries are pulling more weight than one would expect when it comes to student success at com [...] Read more

Reducing the Cost of Higher Education Through the Invaluable Mission of Community Colleges and Affordable HBCUs

by Christopher Wayne Robinson | March 8, 2021
There is a significant need to foster better collaborative relationships among community colleg [...] Read more

Summit Aims to Support Black Male Student Success

by | March 5, 2021
Hundreds of higher education leaders and students gathered at the African American Male Educati [...] Read more

How to Revolutionize Fundraising in a Remote Environment

by Christine Johnson McPhail and Carolyn Carter |
The wide-ranging consequences of this pandemic are huge, and the world of fundraising is facing [...] Read more

Community Colleges Face Declining Enrollment Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by | February 22, 2021
National community college enrollment has fallen 10% from fall 2019 to fall 2020, according to [...] Read more

Flat is the New Up: How the Year of Covid-19 Continues to Reinvent Higher Ed

by Joan Marques | January 5, 2021
Along with its persisting global presence and its surging number of victims, COVID-19 has conju [...] Read more

What a Biden Administration Could Mean for Community Colleges

by | December 16, 2020
With President-elect Joe Biden preparing to take office in January, this might be community col [...] Read more

Community Colleges Must Move Beyond Opportunity, Focus on Success

by John Roueche |
While we know that hard work and persistence are essential to success, we also know that opport [...] Read more

Op-ed Urging Jill Biden to Drop ‘Dr.’ Honorific Sparks Heated Critiques of Sexism and Elitism

by | December 14, 2020
A Friday Wall Street Journal op-ed asking soon-to-be First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to drop the hono [...] Read more

How Two-Year Colleges Can Mitigate Student Enrollment Declines

by | December 11, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the higher education sector, concerns arise around [...] Read more

Summit Focuses Equity Lens on Student Parent Success

by | November 5, 2020
The experiences of student parents pursuing a college education amid the COVID-19 pandemic was [...] Read more

Study Finds Connection Between Public Community College Promise Programs and Enrollment Increases

by | October 25, 2020
A new study funded by the American Educational Research Association found a correlation between [...] Read more

California Community Colleges System Receives $100 Million Gift to Help Students in Need

by | October 21, 2020
The California Community Colleges system announced Tuesday that it has received $100 million to [...] Read more
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