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National Urban League Calls for Post-COVID Racial Equity in Latest Report

by | July 20, 2021 While many talk of wanting a return to normal after COVID-19, the National Urban League (NUL), Read more

Quantifying Equity and Improving Campus Self-Advocacy Took Center Stage at American University Summit

by | June 29, 2021
How to quantify equity and better advocate for oneself, were but two of the topics discussed du [...] Read more

Conference Brings Community College Issues to the Forefront

by | April 29, 2021
In previous recessions, enrollment at community colleges increased as individuals sought to res [...] Read more

Creating Equitable Classroom Environments

by Donna Ford and Brian L. Wright | April 22, 2021
The decision to pivot to remote learning brought its own set of challenges for countless childr [...] Read more

From DEI to JEDI

by Kimberly A. Truong and Kay Martinez | April 9, 2021
Is the acronym Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) outdated? After a summer of uprisings fo [...] Read more

The Afterthought of Equity

by Camille Burnett | March 4, 2021
Dismantling racism is going to take far more than branding the word, “equity”. Equity deman [...] Read more

Pennsylvania State Higher Ed System Chancellor Acknowledges Equity Issues for Students of Color

by | January 14, 2021
Despite voicing commitment to fighting campus racism, Dr. Daniel Greenstein, chancellor of the [...] Read more

Flat is the New Up: How the Year of Covid-19 Continues to Reinvent Higher Ed

by Joan Marques | January 5, 2021
Along with its persisting global presence and its surging number of victims, COVID-19 has conju [...] Read more

Tests Should Elevate Communities. Not Lower Expectations

by Michael T. Nettles | November 29, 2020
Yes, average test scores vary by geography, income and race. Yes, economically disadvantaged co [...] Read more

Hrabowski: Reversing Structural Racism at Higher Ed Institutions Starts with Equity

by | November 8, 2020
Scholars from The University of Maryland in Baltimore County (UMBC) recently wrote a piece on h [...] Read more

Doing the Real Work in Higher Education Amidst Two Pandemics

by Gretchen Rudham, Tyson Beale, Dennis McCunney and Adriel A. Hilton | November 6, 2020
As we stare down the double barrel of a global pandemic and historic levels of police brutality [...] Read more

Summit Focuses Equity Lens on Student Parent Success

by | November 5, 2020
The experiences of student parents pursuing a college education amid the COVID-19 pandemic was [...] Read more

19 Universities Join The National Alliance for Inclusive & Diverse STEM Faculty

by | October 30, 2020
About 19 universities in the U.S. have joined the third cohort of a program called, Aspire: The [...] Read more

National School Boards Association Tackles Equity Issues Within Public Education

by | October 27, 2020
As part of its “Public School Transformation Now!” campaign, which aims to improve equity a [...] Read more

Panel Explores Equitable Access and Inclusion During a Pandemic

by | October 22, 2020
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) recently collabor [...] Read more
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