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Fortenberry Engineers Change Through ASEE

by Catherine Morris | June 14, 2015 Dr. Norman Fortenberry, executive director of the American Society for Engineering Education (A Read more

Changing Demographics: What Does It Mean Now and in the Future?

by Stephanie L. Krah | February 27, 2014
People tend to steer away from acknowledging race as an influential component to education, but [...] Read more

History Motivates SEC Inclusion Program Boss to Keep Door Open

by Christina Sturdivant | December 29, 2013
For Pamela Gibbs, the need to create paths to diversity and equality within the workplace is ro [...] Read more

Parent Plus Loan Tightening Yields Negative Consequences

by Ronald L. Carter | November 12, 2013
Paying for college has always been a struggle for Christian Fair, a first-generation computer e [...] Read more

Survey Explores U.S. Diversity Awareness, Willingness to Target Racial Disparities

by Ronald Roach | October 22, 2013
Release of new survey continues collaboration between the Center for American Progress and Poli [...] Read more

Open Enrollment for IB Programs Discussed at NASPA Conference

by Maria Eugenia Miranda | June 10, 2013
The argument was made that even if a student does not have the grades for an IB class, progress [...] Read more

Scholar’s Analysis Details Rapid Growth of Latinos in K-12, College Populations

by Ronald Roach | January 30, 2013
Noted economist and demographer Mark Hugo Lopez has explained how a recent surge in Latino stud [...] Read more

Experts View Higher Tuition Issues From Many Different Angles

by Howard Mann | December 6, 2012
Panel cites a series of challenges that it says putting more money into Pell Grants isn’t goi [...] Read more

Howard University Forum Urges Multicultural Marketing

by Michelle D. Anderson | September 14, 2011
Representatives from top media and marketing companies advised advertising executives to learn [...] Read more

Commentary: A Finding in Search of an Explanation

by Dr. Daryl E. Chubin | September 1, 2011
Much of the public reaction to NIH’s acknowledgement of shortcomings in its grant giving blam [...] Read more

Census: More Blacks in South Moving to Suburbs

by The Associated Press | March 21, 2011
African-Americans in the South are shunning city life for the suburbs at the highest levels in [...] Read more

Georgia Tech Sees ‘Room for Progress’ After Half Century of Integration

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 17, 2011
 Fifty years after its integration, Georgia Tech recommits itself to providing institution [...] Read more

Exploring the ‘Race to Nowhere’ in American Education

by María Eugenia Miranda | February 3, 2011
The new documentary “Race to Nowhere” highlights conditions affecting the country’s youth [...] Read more

Universities Forced to Adapt as Demographics Shift

by Associated Press | January 4, 2011
 “Majority minority” college classes appearing earlier than expected. [...] Read more

Black Segregation in U.S. Drops to Lowest in Century

by Associated Press | December 16, 2010
 America's neighborhoods took large strides toward racial integration in the last decade a [...] Read more
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