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Tulane Graduate Medical Programs Put on Probation, Partly Due to Diversity Concerns

by | July 8, 2021 Tulane University School of Medicine’s graduate medical education programs were put on probat Read more

What Could University Statements Convey as a Response to Incidents of Racial/Ethnic Violence?

by Mangala Subramaniam | May 14, 2021
What exactly do campus constituencies need at crucial moments when incidents of racism occur? C [...] Read more

Togetherall Offers Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Mental Health Support

by | May 6, 2021
Over the last year, the stressors of the two pandemics—COVID-19 and racial injustice—have n [...] Read more

Considering the Impact of COVID-19 on Teacher Education: What Really Matters

by Marquita Grenot-Scheyer | April 23, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic shed a harsh light on the systemic inequities in schools and communities. [...] Read more

What Does an Anti-Racist College Admissions Process Look Like?

by Jenny Rickard | April 12, 2021
As our country confronts how racism affects so many other aspects of our lives, college admissi [...] Read more

The Afterthought of Equity

by Camille Burnett | March 4, 2021
Dismantling racism is going to take far more than branding the word, “equity”. Equity deman [...] Read more

Kansas State University Criticize University Responses to Racist Incidents

by | March 3, 2021
Students at Kansas State University are criticizing the school on its alleged failure to protec [...] Read more

Three New Jersey Universities Suffer Racist Attacks at Black History Month Events

by | February 19, 2021
Rutgers University, Rider University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology have reported r [...] Read more

Shattering Invisible Darkness

by Simone Henderson | February 15, 2021
We know something is dead when we no longer hear its rhythmic heartbeat, but the heartbeat of r [...] Read more

Time for Anti-Racism: A Way Forward for America and Higher Education

by Patrice Rankine | January 21, 2021
 Anti-racism seems to have found its moment, although Classical Studies in specific has some h [...] Read more

When We Understand Microaggressions in the Broader Context of Systemic Racism, We’ll Make Some Progress

by Priscilla Lui | December 21, 2020
 Many people have heard the word “microaggression,” but how many understand what it really [...] Read more

Hrabowski: Reversing Structural Racism at Higher Ed Institutions Starts with Equity

by | November 8, 2020
Scholars from The University of Maryland in Baltimore County (UMBC) recently wrote a piece on h [...] Read more

National Convening Focuses on Historically-Underserved Students

by | November 6, 2020
More than 50 delegates from across the nation gathered virtually this week to strategize and br [...] Read more

College of Charleston Faculty Members Pen Letter to Defund the Police

by | October 28, 2020
About 46 members of the College of Charleston faculty released a letter asking the city to reth [...] Read more

Brown University Students Release Book Detailing Racism, Capitalism and Activism on Campus

by | October 27, 2020
This summer, a group of students at Brown University released the “Burn Brown Book,” [...] Read more
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