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Diverse on the Go

| March 18, 2016 Vice President Will Cox is representing Diverse at the AAC&U Diversity, Learning, and Stude Read more

Honoring Daisy Bates

by Angela P. Dodson | March 5, 2016
Among the 2016 National Women’s History Month honorees of the National Women’s History Proj [...] Read more

Budget plan would cut $8M from University of Missouri system

| February 23, 2016
By Associated Press JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A Missouri lawmaker proposes cutting $8 million fro [...] Read more

Journalism Vet Incorporates Syrian Refugee Experience Into Classes

by Catherine Morris | January 31, 2016
This spring at Rutgers University, the course will pair journalism students with Syrian refugee [...] Read more

Federal Program Helps Nebraska Students Stay in School

| January 25, 2016
By Associated Press COLUMBUS, Neb. — A federal program at Central Community College in Columb [...] Read more

Diverse on the Go…

| January 20, 2016
Please join the Diverse staff at the Association of American Colleges and Universities 2016 Ann [...] Read more

Muslim Students Seek Permanent Prayer Space at Iowa Colleges

| November 30, 2015
by Associated Press IOWA CITY, Iowa — Muslim students at Iowa’s three public universiti [...] Read more

Brown Student: Editors Shouldn’t Have Apologized for Columns

by Associated Press | October 12, 2015
A Brown University student whose newspaper columns prompted protests from other students says s [...] Read more

Judge Rejects Renaming College After Billionaire’s Wife

by Mary Esch, Associated Press | October 7, 2015
A New York judge denied a college's petition to add the wife of a Wall Street billionaire to it [...] Read more

How Surging U.S. Student Debt is Affecting Borrowers’ Lives

by Associated Press | October 5, 2015
America's $1.2 trillion in student debt is having consequences in far-reaching ways. [...] Read more

10 Years After Katrina

| September 2, 2015
Ten years ago, the outside world watched television screens in horror as Hurricane Katrina floo [...] Read more

Higher Ed Community Mourns Loss of ‘Hero to Many’

by Reginald Stuart | September 1, 2015
Higher education administrators are mourning the loss of one of their veteran colleagues — Dr [...] Read more

New Law Requires Colleges Take Steps to Address Sex Assault

by Associated Press | August 23, 2015
A new state law will require Illinois colleges to take steps to prevent and respond to sexual a [...] Read more

Police: No Hazing Charges Against Dartmouth Frat

by Associated Press | August 19, 2015
Authorities in New Hampshire say they’ve found insufficient evidence to charge a Dartmouth Co [...] Read more

“Who Is a Journalist Now?” Survey Looks at Change in Media

by Lisa Leff, Associated Press | August 11, 2015
Who and what is a journalist in the age of social media, sponsored content and sagging newspape [...] Read more
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