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Questioning Our Questions About Faculty Diversity

by Constance Iloh | April 20, 2021 I was recently contacted by a news outlet to share thoughts about the lack of faculty diversity Read more

Engaging Academia on My Own Terms

by | April 14, 2021
I associated my belonging and success in academia with persisting and succeeding in the “trad [...] Read more

Black Representation in Academia and Corporate America Remains Inadequate in 2021

by Tyrone Smith, Jr. & Jeremy C. McCool | February 25, 2021
Equity, inclusion, and diversity should all be top priorities across different sectors and disc [...] Read more

Am I Too Diverse for Academia?

by Melissa Callaghan | October 22, 2020
When I turned 7 years old, my friends found it rather strange that my family cooked a pig under [...] Read more

Higher Education’s Obsession With Conferences Put to the Test

by Musbah Shaheen | August 31, 2020
Last Spring, I was excited to attend the annual meeting for one of large professional organizat [...] Read more

Reflections on “Failing” at the Academic Market

by | May 26, 2020
I knew that securing a tenure-track position was going to be unlikely. I already made up my min [...] Read more

With the Fire on High: The Writing Process in COVID-19

by | May 2, 2020
For me to be productive as a woman of color in academia, my writing needs to be driven by a con [...] Read more

Academia in 20/20 Vision

by | January 27, 2020
How we hold ourselves in academia contributes to our own character development as scholar-pract [...] Read more

Guardian Ninjas of Integrity (And How We Got There)

by Christine Gee and Jessi Bullock | January 9, 2020
We teach at Western Governors University (WGU) which has over 110,000 students from every state [...] Read more

Michigan Jury Sides With UM Over Professors of Color

by | December 30, 2019
Is it a level playing field for professors of color in academia? Here’s a story that broke be [...] Read more

Diversifying the Academy the Right Way

by | October 22, 2019
NYU Steinhardt’s Faculty First-Look Program is a program that brings together graduate studen [...] Read more

Can I Meet With You? Yet, Never Give You Credit for Your Labor

by | October 16, 2019
A couple months ago a woman of color colleague posted a pro tip on social media stating that if [...] Read more

On Being Told to Manage Money That I Don’t Have

by | September 30, 2019
I’ve been a saver ever since I can remember. The skills of bargain hunting and money manageme [...] Read more

Dear Academia. . .

by | September 16, 2019
This is year-two on tenure track. I am already behind in meeting writing goals, lesson plans fo [...] Read more

‘We Didn’t Cross The Border, The Border Crossed Us:’ The Importance Of Ethnic Studies

by | July 16, 2019
I once heard a story about a man that needed to go North from Mexico to the United States in th [...] Read more
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