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College Basketball + More Scandals = More Task Forces

by Gregory Clay | March 13, 2018 As the scandals in major-college basketball grow, so does the scrutiny. The Congressional Black Read more

Mixed Grades on Race, Gender Report Card for College Sports

by Gregory Clay | February 28, 2018
The percentage of Black head coaches in Division I college basketball has declined the past 10 [...] Read more

Emerging Scholar Profile: Bimper Builds the Athletics Bridge

by | January 24, 2018
Having grown up in Dallas, Tx., Dr. Albert Bimper Jr.’s experience attending Colorado State U [...] Read more

Academic Racism in Play in Regard to Athletes

by Johari R. Shuck | December 7, 2014
The University of North Carolina has contributed in a bold and disturbing way to one of the gre [...] Read more